This photo is a magazine loading coil gun firing section I designed in Autodesk 123D Beta, it has a place for a magnet to hold the ball bearings in place and a piston to push the ball bearing through the photo trigger and air vents I needed to add to my original design.  I spend more of my spare time building creations of my mind then I do any other thing, some of my creations are my toys others are my tools.

Step 1: My Prototypes

I spend hours thinking how I want to shape the parts sketching them and days making them, God forbid they don’t work well or they don’t work at all and I need to start all over. This coil winder or this coil gun are made from multiple metal and plastic parts that I cut and shape by hand, and they are a pain if I need to remake a part because it doesn’t work the way I want or if I screw one piece up while making it. The coil winder in the first photo took me a week to build and it worked perfectly, the magazine coil gun in the second photo took me two days to build and although it worked it needed something to hold the ball bearings in place and an air vent to let in air when fired.
What 3d printer did you end up using?
I don't know it was a gift from here. <br> <br>I do know if you go to 123D web sight one print is $75
I admire your designs, Josehf. I would like 3D design, but I am too lazy / quitter / coward to learn. Seeing this things that you done, maybe I will do another attempt.
When said &quot;...would like 3D...&quot; wanted to say &quot;...would like to learn 3D...&quot;
I tried looking at 123D and don&acirc;€™t know if they make a Spanish version. <br>If they do let me know the program is free. <br>Joe
I understand almost all written English, Josehf. Thanks for your concern.<br><br>Right now I'm downloading the 123D installer. I'll keep you informed of my &ndash;doubtful&ndash; progress.

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