Never fear, the queen bee is here!

Sorry that this is not a tutorial, but it was a BIG sculpting job. And I wanted to focus on the sculpt it self, not just screen shots.

If anyone has a name for her, than please write it down below!

Note: These pictures are not to arouse or upset anyone in any way, if you are easily offended by female robots, than viewer discretion is advised. (But seriously, if these pictures arouse you, than you are a pervert!)

Step 1: The Skeleton

This May be the most boring part, but it's also the most important part!

Step 2: Unpainted Sculpture

Kind of drab!

Step 3: Minor Paint Job


Step 4: Yellow It Up!

All hail the queen bee!

Thanks for checking out my instructable! I'll be coming out with more soon!

-J.R. (;

Step 5: Optimus Prime Is Inspired!

The first time Prime ever said something cute.

<p>So what would you like to call her?</p>
This looks cool :D I know.. <br>Random comment xD
<p>Man this design is superpoop...</p>
<p>MAN this Instructable is not only old, but embarrassing! XDDD</p>
XD lol. You can delete ibles btw if you think this is embarrassing
<p>I may. XD Then again, it would make a funny video in the future of me showing my reactions to my old stuff.</p>
Uh oh, reaction videos... ?
<p>Well I don't have my channel yet, but I should soon... Most of my content is going to be Lego stuff, Transformers related stuff, and other things. Sometimes though, Youtubers like to do reaction videos to their old stuff to show how embarrassed they are by them. It's pretty funny. =P That'd be something for the distant future though.</p>
Sounds great :D
<p>Yar! I am excited! XD</p>
<p>I actually thought of that name while designing this, I guess great minds think alike!</p>

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Bio: My name is James, and I am a hobbyist, amateur CAD designer, and graphic artist!
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