I just wanted to take the time to show you another transformers related sculpture, designed in the free 123d Creature app, (I use an iPad).

I've been wanting to do a G1/movie crossover for a while now. And do a 123d designed "movie" Rodimus Prime.

He looks a bit different than I expected. Please comment down below and tell me if it really looks like Rodimus Prime, or if it reminds you of someone else.

Thanks for checking out my new instructable!

Step 1: Humble Beginnings

Yep, the quickest, yet most boring part.

Step 2: Unpainted Basic Sculpt

He needs a tan.

Step 3: The Sloppiest Paint Job EVER!

The title explains it all.

Step 4: Basic Paint Job (with Added Sculpting)

You want to know how I got these scars?

Step 5: Final Product

Yay! Rodimus Prime, or something.

Step 6: Hope You Enjoyed!

Yay! Emergon splattered Rodimus Prime! Reminds me of Chuck Norris for some reason.


<p>So does he really look like Rodimus Prime?</p>
He looks more like Ratchet...
<p>Maybe the face, but the overall head sculpt doesn't give me that impression. But thanks for your opinion!</p>

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Bio: My name is James, and I am a hobbyist, amateur CAD designer, and graphic artist!
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