Introduction: 123d Professor Genki Head and Pumpkin

Picture of 123d Professor Genki Head and Pumpkin

This is a 3d model I made of professor Genki from the video game saints row. I made this model so that I could use Pepakura and turn it into a real head.

Step 1: The Head

Picture of The Head

Firstly place a sphere then another one just next to it. Then combine the two spheres. Finally use the fillet tool on the line in between the two sphere until it looks like so.

Step 2: Facial Features

Picture of Facial Features

Now the facial features, firstly place a cube in front of the spheres and draw the facial features on. The mouth, the noses and finally the glasses. Next extend the cube upwards and draw on two ears. Now delete the square, extrude the mouth, nose and move back the glasses. Finally move the ears back, rotate them into place and draw a circle at the bottom and extrude to make it into a head.

Step 3: 3d Model and Pumpkin

Picture of 3d Model and Pumpkin Genki's head Genki pumpkin

And now the steps for the pumpkin.
Draw a large circle at the bottom of the head and extrude it almost all the way through. Then extrude the mouth, nose and mouth.


ILoveLights (author)2013-09-24

You know this would make an awesome helmet sort of thing. I would use a deadmau5 helmet base and then use this rendering for the exterior. maybe a couple LED and EL wires and it would be EVEN MORE AWESOME

nathan nash (author)ILoveLights2013-09-25

I plan on making it into my Halloween costume for this year. A deadmau5 base would be too round it would be best to just make an oval like frame fibreglass or paper Mache it then add the details. The el wires is a great idea and would make it look EPIC.

ILoveLights (author)nathan nash2013-09-25

Touche it would be to round, although I am pretty bad with fiberglass so you learn your weakness right :p For EL wires and stuff I found that was super useful when I called them.

Numbuh1 (author)2013-09-24

Adorable :3

nathan nash (author)Numbuh12013-09-25

He might look adorable but if you knew he was you wouldn't be saying that.

humanpicnic (author)2013-09-23


nathan nash (author)humanpicnic2013-09-25


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