Step 8: Thrid Stage Assembly

Now you need the 5 half hexagons you made in step 5.
Using them to bridge the gap between the hexagons you put on in the last step.
Making sure everything is even as in the other steps staple the half hexagon to the hexagon on one side.
Now you might need to pull it together on the other side to get them to meet up together.
staple that side then do the other 4 the same.

Im going to try this and also put different colored plastic wrap over the cups
Great idea, post some pictures of it here when you make it
thank u for amazing post .My student and I did too.Hope u like it
Thanks, you did a great job and I how it looks with the two colors.<br>I'm glad you enjoyed it.
&nbsp;Cool, but this was a cover-featured Readymade Magazine project a while back.
Really, I've never seen that magazine before. This project started out as something different. I was going to hanging light/ball but as I started to make it, I found out that&nbsp; it was going to be about 24 inches wide, way too big to hang from the ceiling So to make half of it an hang it on the wall instead. I got the idea from hanging balls made from plastic cups and Christmas lights as a kid. After I thought of making this I looked online to see if any one else had made anything like it. All&nbsp; I could find where the ones made out of plastic cups melted together.<br /> So, yes I am quit sure someone else has probably made something like this before, because once you start putting cups together like this they naturally start to form a ball.<br /> This is in no way a new idea, it is just my version or twist on it.<br /> If you can I would like it if you could&nbsp; post a picture of&nbsp; it here, I would really like to see it.<br /> Thanks.<br />
fantastic instructable. i remember some designer&nbsp; doing similar with melded polystyrene cups<br /> <br /> good clear instructions. if i could only get my hands on some paper cups ....<br />
http://bcndesign.narotzky.com/2008/09/28/the-ballad-of-the-styrofoam-cup/<br /> <br /> is the link to the Styrofoam cup lamp<br />
<br /> Thanks, I put a lot of work on it.<br /> I found a site when I was researching for this <a href="/www.sparkleball.com" rel="nofollow">www.sparkleball.com</a>,&nbsp;I might try to one of these one day too.<br />

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