Introduction: $0.50 Easy to Make Glider

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Adjustable, simple foam board flying wing. Good for stunts and long distance flights! (Invented and written by a guest author: younger brother.) You should be able to make four of these flyers out of one sheet of foam board.

Step 1: Parts Needed

1. scissors or utility knife
2. scotch tape or lightweight tape
3. paper plate
4. two small binder clips
5. foam board, we bought our board at Dollar Tree, but most craft stores and office supply stores carry them
6. measuring tape
7. permanent marker.

Step 2: Peel Paper Off of Foam Board.

to make the wing more lightweight, carefully peel the paper off the board.

Step 3: Cut the Wing Out.

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Cut a shape roughly shaped like a symmetrical triangle that has a base width of 14 inches and a height that measures at 8 inches. Then cut 1 inch off the tip to make the front end of the wing blunt. Then just round the corner tips. Also cut a 4 inches by 1/2 inches rectangle and a 3 inches by 4 inches rectangle out of the remaining foam board. Cut the 4" by 3" rectangle as shown with a notch for the paper flap.

Step 4: Cut Paper Wing Flaps

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Cut two 1/2 inch by 4 inches rectangles out of the paper plate. Also cut another rectangle to fit in the rudder notch you already made.

Step 5: Tape Wing Flaps Onto Wing and Rudder

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Tape the paper wing flaps onto the wing and rudder as shown, make sure they are semi rigid and bendable.

Step 6: Attach Rudder and Throwing Handle to Wing

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With the marker draw a line across the center of the wing, then tape the rudder along this line in the back of the wing. Then on the underside of the wing, tape the rectangle you cut earlier along this same line near the center of the wing. Make sure the parts are sturdy and not wobbly.

Step 7: Attach Binder Clips

Picture of Attach Binder Clips

Attach the 2 small binder clips on the front blunt nose of the airplane as shown.

Step 8: Videos

I will embed a few video demonstrations later today.

Clip 1

Clip 2


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