12V Battery Protection





Introduction: 12V Battery Protection

Hey! everyone My name is Steve 19 year old from India

Today i'm going to show you How to make a 12V Battery Protection Board .

Very Low Current Consumption Only 1.5mA

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It will protect your battery from Over Discharging

• Cutoff at 10.6V
• Re-Connect at 12.5V

How To Programme ATtiny85

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Step 1: What You Need

Step 2: PCB Layout and Schematics

Step 3: PCB Making

If you Don't Know How to make a PCB Then

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  • Printed The Layout
  • Cut The Copper Clad
  • Press With Hot Iron

See The Image For More Information

  • Put The Copper Clad On Ferric Chloride
  • Remove the Ink
  • Drill The Holes

Step 4: Solder

  • Solder the components

Step 5: Connections

  • Solder The Connector For Inlet And Outlet

Step 6:

  • Hot Glued The Wire to prevent from loosing

Step 7: Finished

  • Just Plug The Battery and you are Good to go



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    Hi i was wondering if this circuit could be modified to have adjustable cut off. I was planning to use this in a daah cam. So im looking at 12.2 as cut off and 13 as turn back on

    Thank you

    How much is the quiescent current ? Without any load