Introduction: 12V DC to 50KV AC High Voltage Plasma Generator Circuit:


This instructable contains Step by Step instructions for making a 12VDC to 50KV AC High Voltage Plasma Generator.

This project is very dangerous because it contains really high voltage AC.

The Plasma Generated looks somewhat similar to the "Patronus Charm in Harry Potter".

Plasma Generation Occurs Naturally on Stars and therefore it is really cool to produce it at Home (DIY).


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Step 1: Components Required :

Picture of Components Required :
  1. A 24 volts to 220 volts 50VA transformer.
  2. A 12 volts motor bike ignition coil.
  3. Two NPN 13009 power transistors.
  4. Two 1 kilo ohm 5 watt resistors.
  5. plastic or wooden base
  6. some wires
  7. soldering iron
  8. 15 to 20 volts DC power source..
  9. hot glue gun.

For better understanding and "Full Circuit Diagram" watch the video

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Step 2: Circuit Connections :

Picture of Circuit Connections :

The power transistors used here are 13009.Connect them as shown in the image.Now take the 1 kilo ohm resistors.Connect one terminal of the resistor to the base of one power transistor while the other terminal of the resistor to the collector of the other power transistor.

Do the same with the other resistor.Take two similar colored wires and connect them to the collectors of both the power transistors 13009 as shown.

Now take the ignition coil and connect one of the High Tension wires from the Transformer to the earth terminal of the ignition coil as shown in the picture.

Take one of the low tension wires from the Transformer and connected to the LT terminal of the ignition coil.This is the tapping point where the positive input supply will be given from the DC source to activate the circuit.

After you have done that, take the 2 collector wires from the power transistor and connect one wire to the left open low voltage wire of the transformer and the other to the earth wire of the ignition coil.

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Step 3: Power Supply :

Picture of Power Supply :

Take a 12 to 20 volts DC source & connect the positive wire from the DC source to the low tension tapping point of the Transformer and the ignition coil.

Connect the emmitters of the power transistors together which will be the common negative.

Now circuit is fully complete and is ready for testing.

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Step 4: Time to Test :

Picture of Time to Test :

You have already connected the positive wire from the DC source.Now, you are left with the negative wire.

So take the negative wires and connect it to the common emitter wire from the power should see High Voltage sparks between the High Tension wires of the Transformer and the ignition coil.

So that was all Guys.



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