12V Solenoid Beam Engine, built from aluminium scraps and scavanged componants.


Step 2: Why built it?

Why not?

I built this for the following reasons.

To see if I could

To rekindle many of the skills I have let lapse in the years since I was an engineer by trade.

To indulge myself my fascination with all things of a mechanical nature. (but not the internal combustion engine, I have no interest in those at all)

To educate myself re electronics.

To build something that incorporates many of the features of the steam engine (Steam engines are my idea of engineering bliss) without the danger of fire and high pressure steam.

But my main reason for this project was to give me an indoor project to keep me occupied through this very harsh winter, something more fulfilling than spending the next few months in a prescription drugs based haze waiting for the spring to arrive.  (  PS. I'm still a bit hazed on it at times but at least I'm doing something better than sleeping)