Quick & Dirty all purpose DC to AC inverter

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nickk hello, I need for your help. <br>please help, I need a 12 DC to 220 AC inverter 1000 watt, modified sine signal at least. <br>can help me to complete the circuit and details of the components used. <br>The full series of images please send an email to me: ndo_sottoy@yahoo.com or suhendro_86@yahoo.co.id <br>thank you before nickk ..
Sorry I don't send private emails, anything to discuss should be public here.
<p>sir I am trying to make the </p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Adaptable-24vDC220vAC-Pure-Sinewave-Inverter-1/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Adaptable-24vDC220...</a> not able to generate the sine wave can you please reply</p>
<p>hello can u tell me plz why u are using two types of transistors in your H-bridge what's the point behind this </p>
<p>HI can I use 2N3773 transistor instead of 2N3055?</p>
<p>it's very gooooooooooood</p>
<p>anyone can help me..i need solar battery charging circuit and inverter circuit produce 100watt..you can share circuit in my email daus_poyoz91@yahoo.com</p>
<p>Hi Sir NICK.. Can i change the transformer into 24-0-24 center tapped to gain more power? I am using 24-0-24 but unfortunately.. it burns all of my 2N3055 transistors</p>
<p>hi cool work but how much amp i need for the 1500w </p>
<p>Any one have matlab simulink of this circuit</p>
<p>Any one have matlab simulink of this circuit</p>
simple sine wave inverte with pic code
hi nick <br>for IC CD 4047 special or not thanks
hi, can i use a &quot;4093&quot; IC to generate the clock?
hi mr.nick zouein am sundhar from india. ur circuit deatails are very awesome.then i want need to quick charging for ur circuit.so please sent the details 4 quick charging circuit
hello nick, <br>whether the scheme for 12DC to 220ac inverter with a power output of 1000W (min. MSW)? <br>Can you let me know? I want to assemble for my home needs. <br>thank you ..
hello nick, whether the scheme that uses mosfet inverter irfp 260 n <br>2000W.i want to assemble. Thank you
Hi nick What is the value of D1
general purpose 6A diode
Hello Nickk, <br> <br>What would be the voltage rating of both the polar capacitors? <br>And would this voltage rating of both the capacitors remain same as we increase the output power rating?
Please also tell me that about the <br> 1- Vcc selection for higher watts is same as was in your previous design? <br> 2- The transformer center tape winding selection for higher power is same as <br> it was in your previous design? <br> 3- Is the selection of Amp for transformer for higher power is same as your <br> previous design?
Hello, <br> <br>Can anybody help me please, I cannot read the comoponent specs on the jpg pictures. Numbers are very small, How do you do ? I am missing something ? <br> <br>Thanks in advance for your help. <br> <br>Best regards, <br>Horacio <br> <br>
--To see the original large image click on the [i] located on the upper left corner of each pic, once it opens click on the link : [original file: (2040x1540) 50 KB] that is located underneath the pic. This will open the original big file
Thanks very much Nickk ! <br> <br>Now I will start asap ! <br> <br>Kind regards, <br>Horacio
helo nickk thanks for your precition about the kind of battery to use but i still have another pre-ocupation can the current produce by the inverter be use to charge the battery?that is like a closed cycle.
No it doesn't work, there is power loss in the form of heat generated by the power transistors that will eventualy empty your battery
hi nickk i'm in Don Bosco school in Egypt our project this year is to make an inverter version 250 watt we use it to transform from 12 Dc(come from 2 solar panells) to charge a bettary ..so to make it have i to use 6 transistors pnp?
can i use this for el wire ? or can you give me source to another one for that purpose ?
Thanx for the awesome instructable!<br>Am really looking forward to builing my own inverter!!<br>
nick thank you very much for this very good circuit, we build it and perfectly working this very helpful to us to pass our subject... god bless...
hiii <br>gud eveng <br>i am vinil <br>i am doing my BE in electronics <br>can u send me an 100w inverter circuit which u got perfect output <br> <br>here is my mail id <br>vinnu3692009@gmail.com
it is already online, can't you see it ?
hi vinnu,<br> <br> i saw the circuit of 12vDC to 220vAC 100watts inverter in instructable. if you hold the circuit for that one.if possible please send me.<br><br>my mail id is mkarthik.krthk@gmail.com
sir can i use 9vDC supply and not 12vDC and still have the same output of 220vAC/100W?<br>
you have to change the transformer to 18/220 v center tapped
hey nickk, can you give me the names and parts? so i can order them fast and easily.
is the jumper is necessary? can i use mosfet in the power stage instead of transistor?
i mean, i used the t1 for charger circuit separated circuit from inverter. it is possible? thank you.
hi nick, i would like to add a charger in this circuit, can i also use the T1 transformer for the charger? thank you.^ ^
no, to charge a 12v battery you'll need 13.5v not 12v
hi nick, what is the value of R1 for 60Hz the value of D1 and the voltage value of capacitors? please reply asap coz i built this inverter for my school project but i don't know what are the components value that i mentioned. thank you very very much.
for 60Hz : replace R1 with 39K and C3 with 0.1uF metalized film 5% tolerence, use 25v caps for C1 and C2
sir; CD4047 is not available in my place,. is there any substitution for this? many thanks..!
Hi sir: If I would make up to 3000 watts with this circuit, do I need to change the transformer and the input voltage like what you did in your PWM version? And is it ok f I use 39K carbon resistor for R1 instead of 250K variable resistor?..can i use 2n3773 as replacement of 2n3055?..tnx..!!
hello, yes go by the table of the PWM for best results and efficiency. i don't know if 39k will give you 50Hz, try it. Yes use 2n3773. Regards
then about the 2ns and the tip is the current of the battery not going to burn it since the 2n3055 seen from my datasheet can support 15 amp?thanks.
helo nickk if you are using a 12v 70 amp batery for how long can this circuit serve as backup thanks

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