12vDC to 220vAC 100watts Inverter





Introduction: 12vDC to 220vAC 100watts Inverter

Quick & Dirty all purpose DC to AC inverter

--To see the original large image click on the [i] located on the upper left corner of each pic, once it opens click on the link :  [original file: (2040x1540) 50 KB] that is located underneath the pic. This will open the original big file.



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    nickk hello, I need for your help.
    please help, I need a 12 DC to 220 AC inverter 1000 watt, modified sine signal at least.
    can help me to complete the circuit and details of the components used.
    The full series of images please send an email to me: ndo_sottoy@yahoo.com or suhendro_86@yahoo.co.id
    thank you before nickk ..

    Sorry I don't send private emails, anything to discuss should be public here.

    hello can u tell me plz why u are using two types of transistors in your H-bridge what's the point behind this

    HI can I use 2N3773 transistor instead of 2N3055?

    anyone can help me..i need solar battery charging circuit and inverter circuit produce 100watt..you can share circuit in my email daus_poyoz91@yahoo.com

    Hi Sir NICK.. Can i change the transformer into 24-0-24 center tapped to gain more power? I am using 24-0-24 but unfortunately.. it burns all of my 2N3055 transistors

    hi cool work but how much amp i need for the 1500w

    Any one have matlab simulink of this circuit