13 Unusual Uses for Canada Dry Ginger Ale





Introduction: 13 Unusual Uses for Canada Dry Ginger Ale

In this Instructable I will be showing you some uses for Ginger Ale. To be exact 13 uses. The only thing you will need for this is ginger ale. I hope you enjoy this Instructable. If you have any comments please leave one in the comment section and subscribe.

Step 1: Stomach Aches

If you have a stomach ache and you want to find a quick cure then ginger ale is for you. Some sodas won't help with your stomach but this will. Just take a sip and you will feel better in no time.

Step 2: Hair Dye

If you want to preserve the dye in your hair you just got then get some flat Canada Dry (no bubbles) and rinse your hair with it once a week. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes then rinse, if you don't rinse then you will have sticky hair.

Step 3: Christmas Tree Preservative

If you have a real live Christmas tree then, first of all you are quite lucky and second of all you can preserve the tree with some Canada Dry. Put 2 cups of Canada Dry in the water that you give the tree. This will help it to be healthier and stronger for a longer period of time.

Step 4: Nails

If you have had the same nail polish on for a while and you want to get rid of any kind of stain left then just follow this quick instruction. Soak your nails in some ginger ale for a period of time and you will get rid of any yellowish stain left from the polish.

Step 5: Christmas Ham

To lower the sodium content in your ham then just cover it in ginger ale and cook it in your roaster for a while. Or you can soak the ham in ginger ale for several hours and remove and cook in water.

Step 6: Tenderize Crock Pot Meat

If you want to tenderize your pot roast and add some flavor to it then just add 1/2 cups of ginger ale to your roast and continue to cook.

Step 7: Gelatin Dessert

If you want to add a zing to your gelatin dessert or you just don't want to use cold water. Then just use ginger ale instead of cold water in your gelatin recipe.

Step 8: Stains

You can use a cup of fresh ginger ale to remove stains that have not set in yet. Pour a cup of ginger ale on the stain and scrub as you usually would and allow it to sit for a few moments. Then rinse it off. This is not recommended to starch white carpets.

Step 9: Sore Throat

To soothe a sore throat heat up some ginger ale to concentrate it and drink it slowly.

Step 10: Soothe a Cold

If you have a cold then drink some lemonade and ginger ale. Ginger and lemon both have sinus clearing properties.

Step 11: Carrot

If you want to create a nice glaze for your carrots then just add some ginger ale. It will add that extra flavor you are looking for.

Step 12: Heart Burn

If you drink some ginger ale you can quickly cure your heartburn. Just take a few swigs and you should feel better. Because ginger ale has real ginger in it, it is a good substitute for ginger tea.



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    When I grew up in Detroit, we did this Vernor's Ginger Ale! Besides doing all these same things it tasted way better than Canada Dry! Haven't had a Vernor's? You haven't lived! Next time you're in Michigan get some. Also, try our favorite summer drink - A Boston Cooler - 2 scoops of STROH's vanilla ice cream in 8 ounces of icey cold Vernors! To attempt this with Canada Dry is to court the grim reaper! Hah!

    3 replies

    Canada Dry is not what it used to be. Ever since Dr. Pepper bought them, it hasn't been half as good as it used to be. I grew up on Canada Dry Ginger Ale and it actually said "ginger extract" in the ingredients. Nowadays, ginger ale don't even have any ginger in them; even when they advertise that the drink is made from "real ginger", it's only "natural flavour", which means that it's a minute amount, and that includes Vernor's. As for the Boston cooler, we used to use Canada Dry to make a vanilla floater. I have never had a Vernor's because it never made it much out of Michigan. Canada Dry has made it around the world but I really don't know what anyone find good in any of those pops of today. They are not even the real thing anymore.

    Hey, where I live we only have Canada Dry. So don't be talking about my Canada Dry that way, lol jk. Thanks for the heads up, now I want some Vernor's and a Boston cooler, thanks, I can't get any down here : (
    ; )
    : )

    Just so you know... People in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, say "You know that someone's from Detroit when they can chug a Vernor's without blowing any out of their nose!"
    Seems like it takes some time to get used to the intense fizz that bursts forth from a freshly poured bottle of Vernor's. But without that superfizz the Boston Cooler wouldn't be possible.
    How fizzy is it? Rumor has it that a single Mentos dropped into a Vernor's will initiate cold fusion!
    Truly hope you get to try a Boston Cooler someday!
    They are the BOMB!

    Canada Dry Ginger Ale is my blood! I'd hate to waste it on my hair or getting stains out of my clothes!

    3 replies

    Well that is certainly good to know, although I think I could have gone in life without talking about menstrual cramps again. Lol jk, thanks for the advice DanielleF12

    If you like this project then please vote for it in the Three Ingredient Challenge

    And you already know ? what you can do with the bottle!

    2 replies

    Are you talking from experience ?

    How exactly would I know these things otherwise rafununu ?

    I'm pretty sure what you are implying ReverendN, and I don't know how to respond ...

    I believe it will work with all ginger ale PilotOfTheFuture, and ginger ale is my favorite too !