Step 10: Dry Wet Boots

Picture of Dry Wet Boots
This is a great trick to use in the winter!  Dry off your snowy boots with your blow dryer setting on high.  Be sure to do this over a towel so your mom doesn't yell at you for getting water every where! (personal experience...)
wkeels5 months ago

just make sure the heat is turned off on your blow dryer.

swatterson3 years ago
far better to stuff them with newspaper, am sure most people have more than 1 pair of shoes
why would you be sure of such a thing?
hausi3 years ago
Don't do that to your expensive leather shoes! Dry them slowly, stuffed with newspaper over the course of some days!
sconner13 years ago
Careful. I thought I'd melt some mink oil into the leather for waterproofing.
I shrunk the leather of my boots with the hot air.
Now they don't fit right.
Salt or calcium chloride (ice-melt) can dry out and shrink leather too.
I've ruined many pairs of gloves by getting this stuff on them without even using a dryer.
I don't know if that's such a good idea. I heard that you shouldn't put wet shoes next to a heater (or a hair dryer for that matter) because the sudden change in temperature (and moistness?) supposedly puts a lot of strain on the material. Still, nice instructable :)