Step 2: Custom Fit Your Glasses

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Custom fit your plastic frame glasses.  Simply heat up the ends and mold them to fit our head.

This works great on store bought glasses.  I wouldn't recommend this for your $300 designer glasses frames.  I bought these prescription glasses in Vietnam for only $12!  They're a great back up pair.
TN7773 years ago
Another way to custom fit glasses- Boil a pot of water and and dip the trouble leg in it untill soft. Mold to shape you need!
Wezard3 years ago
Be careful if you try this not to heat the lenses.

If you have any coatings on the lens then overheating can cause issues.

I'm sure it SHOULDnt with good quality lenses and coatings, but just had to take a pair of glasses back because the optometrist managed to knacker the lens coating during initial fitting.
eyeguy63 years ago
Glad you put eyeglass adjusting in this instructable. BUT ....be careful. I am a master optician and there are "plastic" frames out there that can burn if you over heat and shatter if the try to bend under heated. Not saying to not try it, just use a little common sense.

Larry the Eyeguy
crudworks3 years ago
I've also seen this process used for plastic wrap on packaging.
I will definitely find the one for removing stickers useful.
Thanks for sharing
rainger3 years ago
WOW! How did you get your glasses to get RED HOT like that?
This really does work. I'm a Certified Optician and we use a hot air blower to heat zyl (plastic) frames so they can be adjusted to fit customers. It does take practice and you do need to be careful not to under or over heat your frames. If you under heat them you could end up snapping them in half, not a good feeling. If you over heat them you can compromise the plastic and may even end up melting them. Of course this can all depend on the power of your hair dryer. I do this for friends and family whenever they ask. A lot of times the problem will be your temple pieces are too tight or too loose, which can cause headaches for various reasons. It amazes me how many people especially kids are wearing uncomfortable glasses. You know the ones that are so tight they dig into your head or the ones that are so loose they end up on the tip of your nose.
Anyway, great tip! Thanks for sharing.