Step 6: Dry Steam Off of Mirror

Picture of Dry Steam Off of Mirror
Its frustrating to lose mirror access after a steamy shower!  Dry that steam off with a quick blast of hot air from your hair dryer.  Now you can just leave the blow dryer on and continue drying your hair :)
doo da do2 years ago
If you have room for a candle under the mirror, light it and it will keep most of the mirror fog free. Save energy (be sure to put it out before you leave).
W6LSN3 years ago
I realize this is a technicality, but STEAM is invisible. As theRobertBush mentions, it is condensed water vapor. This does work well in hotels where the bathrooms often have no/poor exhausts...
swatterson3 years ago
im amazed at such a brilliant idea
I find it more efficient when you actually think about what is going on. The water condenses on the mirror because the glass is below the condensation point of the vapor. so, rather than drying off the mirror, you are actually heating the glass to a temperature above the condensation point. with this in mind, this trick works better.
Panchz3 years ago
I do that at home =D