Picture of 14 Day Sweet Pickles

This is a recipe that my mom made when I was a kid, so as I recently bought some canning supplies, I decided I'd give it a try.

It sounds daunting given that it takes 14 days of preparation, but most of that time is spent with the pickles just sitting in one solution or another.  And the results are worth the effort.
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
This is the original recipe:
75 3 to 3 1/2 inch cucumbers
2 cups coarse pickling salt
4 gallons water
3 Tbsp powdered alum
10 cups sugar
5 cups vinegar
18 drops oil of cinnamon
18 drops oil of cloves
2 Tbsp celery seeds

I cut this down to roughly 1/3, since there were about 20 small cucumbers in the 2 pints I bought at the farmer's market.

So here is the cut down version I'm using:
20 small cucumbers
2/3 cup coarse pickling salt
1 1/3 gallons water (divided into 1/3 gallons)
1 Tbsp powdered alum (divided into 1/3 Tbsps)
3 1/3 cups sugar
1 2/3 cups vinegar
6 drops cinnamon oil
6 drops clove oil
2 tsp celery seeds

Step 2: Hardware

Picture of Hardware

You'll need the following equipment:
1 large pot capable of boiling as much water as you need for each step (1 gallon for the full recipe, about 1/3 gallon for the amount I made)
1 stone, glass, or enamel container (I used a medium sized removable enameled crock pot container)
1 stoneware, glass, or ceramic plate or bowl that fits roughly within the previous container
1 glass jar or similar to weight the plate down

Canning supplies:
1 large boiling water canning pot
canning rack (or something to keep the jars off the bottom of the canning pot)
pint jars, rings, and lids
tongs for lifting hot jars out of canning pot
funnel (not absolutely necessary if your pouring hand is steady, but helpful in case)
plastic knife or bubble removal tool from a canning kit
knife for cutting cucumbers into chunks or skewer if leaving whole