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The 14 face globe knot is similar in appearance to the double monkey fist knot. . It is easier to tie

Top left is a cat toy. I used 6' of cotton cord using a 1" diameter "jingle" bell core. Three times around. Enough cord left over to tie loop.

Top right is a Fob/pull/luggage ID. I used 6' of paracord. 1" diameter wooden ball core. Three times around. After tightening the knot I pulled the slack back until I reached the middle of the three plies. I tied the overhand knot to lame the loop and re-tightened the knot. Had about 9" of cord left over.

Bottom knot zipper pull/Christmas ornament used a marble for the core. Three times around. Enough cord left over to tie the loop.

Step 1:

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Take the WE (Working End) in a loop to the left and back to the right under the SE (Standing End).

Step 2:

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Bring WE up over two and back down to the left.

Step 3:

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Bring WE to the right over two and then under, over, under

Step 4:

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Bring WE to the left over SE.

Step 5:

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Bring WE up under, over, under, over and back down on the left.

Step 6:

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The knot is complete. Bring the WE next to the SE and add as many extra plies as desired.

Step 7:

For those of you not familiar with the tightening process I have published a separate instructable that covers that process. The title of the instructable is "14 face globe knot part 2"


JRDUKIE (author)2016-11-02

I am confused with the first step.

asemery (author)JRDUKIE2016-11-02

The photo shows the layout of the cord.

JRDUKIE (author)2016-11-02

How do you finish it?

asemery (author)JRDUKIE2016-11-02

A separate instructable covers the tightening process.

boonec (author)2016-10-31

I dont know how to actually complete it?

asemery (author)boonec2016-11-01

A separate instrucrtable covers the tightening process.

sokamiwohali (author)2016-10-30

Just a suggestion... Add more steps showing how to complete the knot. Someone who's not experienced in knot tying will never accomplish the knot.

GoddessOdd (author)sokamiwohali2016-10-31

absolutely right... I used to macrame in my youth, so I have slight knotting experience, but these instructions were not nearly enough to teach me this. Not enough there to help me visualize the end result or the final steps

asemery (author)GoddessOdd2016-11-01

A separate instrucrtable covers the tightening process.

asemery (author)sokamiwohali2016-11-01

A separate instrucrtable covers the tightening process.

Mayportinmate (author)2016-10-30

In the navy we called them monkey fists

Is that like a Turk's head? Because they look similar? My uncle made both monkey fist and Turk's head and he was a seaman. Matter of fact, he was until he retired and his girlfriend is a captain. AND BOBY OH BOY, CAN HE KNOT AND MACRAME!

asemery made it! (author)Allison?Scruggs2016-10-31

This is more closely related to the turk's head knot. Strictly speaking in knotical terms a turk's head knot is tied with one continuous line. It can be doubled by simply following around the knot. A monkey fist knot is tied with interlocking circles. Each circle MUST be completed with the desired number of plies before moving on to the next. Below is photo of a double monkey fist knot before tightening.


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