14 Face Globe Knot

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Introduction: 14 Face Globe Knot

The 14 face globe knot is similar in appearance to the double monkey fist knot. . It is easier to tie

Top left is a cat toy. I used 6' of cotton cord using a 1" diameter "jingle" bell core. Three times around. Enough cord left over to tie loop.

Top right is a Fob/pull/luggage ID. I used 6' of paracord. 1" diameter wooden ball core. Three times around. After tightening the knot I pulled the slack back until I reached the middle of the three plies. I tied the overhand knot to lame the loop and re-tightened the knot. Had about 9" of cord left over.

Bottom knot zipper pull/Christmas ornament used a marble for the core. Three times around. Enough cord left over to tie the loop.

Step 1:

Take the WE (Working End) in a loop to the left and back to the right under the SE (Standing End).

Step 2:

Bring WE up over two and back down to the left.

Step 3:

Bring WE to the right over two and then under, over, under

Step 4:

Bring WE to the left over SE.

Step 5:

Bring WE up under, over, under, over and back down on the left.

Step 6:

The knot is complete. Bring the WE next to the SE and add as many extra plies as desired.

Step 7:

For those of you not familiar with the tightening process I have published a separate instructable that covers that process. The title of the instructable is "14 face globe knot part 2"



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I am confused with the first step.

The photo shows the layout of the cord.

How do you finish it?

A separate instructable covers the tightening process.

I dont know how to actually complete it?

A separate instrucrtable covers the tightening process.

Just a suggestion... Add more steps showing how to complete the knot. Someone who's not experienced in knot tying will never accomplish the knot.

absolutely right... I used to macrame in my youth, so I have slight knotting experience, but these instructions were not nearly enough to teach me this. Not enough there to help me visualize the end result or the final steps

A separate instrucrtable covers the tightening process.

A separate instrucrtable covers the tightening process.