Introduction: $14 Lightweight Over-the-Shoulder Snorricam (Body-Mounted Camera Rig)

In this tutorial video, Griffin designs a $14 third-person body-mounted camera rig out of PVC pipe for his GoPro Hero2 camera, to capture unique over-the-shoulder shots.

ADDITIONAL BUILD INSTRUCTIONS (I'm using " to mean inches.)

Click here to view a photo guide for constructing the rig.

Click here to watch some exciting race footage using the rig!

Using 1/2" PVC pipe (it's bigger than that, but that's what it's called), cut the following 13 lengths of pipe:
-(6) 1.25" pieces (These are to connect fittings together. When inserted, the two fittings will cover the entire piece.)
-(2) 8.25" pieces for the tall, vertical sides of the rectangle
-(2) 2" pieces for the short, horizontal sides of the rectangle
-(1) 12.25" piece for the long camera support arm
-(1) 5.75" piece for the short camera support arm
-(1) 4.5" piece for the camera support column

(Now that I'm adding these up, I'm realizing it's about 73" of PVC—that's 6 feet and one inch. I used two 5-foot pieces of PVC, because of lots of trial and error as I figured out the design, but this is interesting: I have more than 5 feet remaining. They must be longer than they say.)

You could also substitute each pair of T joints and 45-degree elbows with a single Y joint, but they can be hard to find in stores (since plumbers have little use for them).


AlexanderP142 (author)2017-06-25

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ZackF5 (author)2016-02-17

Hi griffinity, what kind of thread did you use to sew your lashing straps and canvas belt?

griffinity (author)ZackF52016-02-19

I'm not even sure. It was just some plain black sewing thread in my wife's kit.

iLOVEhatephoto (author)2015-06-08

We wrote an in-depth tutorial and made a different version. Check it out.

Mahue made it! (author)2015-04-05

I want to say "Thank you"! Inspired by your instruction i build a mount fitting to my backpack. I liked your construction the most because of using two "arms" in different angles for holding the camera. This quaranteed an strong and stable mount. Realy great job!

griffinity (author)Mahue2015-04-05

Nice modification!

MercutioLeonhart (author)2015-01-19

Do you have anymore photos or instructions for making / attaching the straps? I'm trying to source all the parts now but I can't get a clear enough view in the video to work out if what I'm looking at will do the job.

brandon.g.scott (author)2014-11-22

how did you connect the camera to the pvc? what gopro atytachment did you use?

I used the GoPro tripod attachment, which is screwed onto a PVC cap (at 2:27 in the video).

SamuelK1 made it! (author)2014-10-01

Made it

SamuelK1 (author)2014-09-30

Hey what was the original length for the two middle parts?

griffinity (author)SamuelK12014-09-30

Samuel, attached is a photo with dimensions in inches.

SamuelK1 (author)griffinity2014-10-01

whats the length of the first one haha sorry for the confusion

griffinity (author)SamuelK12014-10-01

Sorry, I don't remember.

SamuelK1 (author)griffinity2014-10-01

Ok thanks

kenyer made it! (author)2014-08-13

yes, we made it :)

kenyer (author)kenyer2014-08-13

Here in the Netherlands it costed 22,71 euro to get the pipes and fittings. But we are still very happy with the result. :)

freeza36 (author)2012-12-29

Where did you run the Warrior Dash?

griffinity (author)freeza362013-01-09

Joliet, Illinois.

freeza36 (author)griffinity2013-01-09

Thats awesome. I went to the one in Colorado.

123456789Pluto (author)2012-07-20

Do you think this will be able to stay on if I'm jet skiing and fall. I think recording with thos while jet skiing would be an awesome video.

Ares252 (author)123456789Pluto2012-10-16

yea that would be sweet, just make sure you make it where if the camera would fall off, it would float back up.

or have a backup like some strong rope or something.

DoctorDv (author)2012-08-07

This is awesome!

123456789Pluto (author)2012-07-20

Indy Mogul!!!!!! My name is plutoisaplanet24.

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