In this tutorial video, Griffin designs a $14 third-person body-mounted camera rig out of PVC pipe for his GoPro Hero2 camera, to capture unique over-the-shoulder shots.

ADDITIONAL BUILD INSTRUCTIONS (I'm using " to mean inches.)

Click here to view a photo guide for constructing the rig.

Click here to watch some exciting race footage using the rig!

Using 1/2" PVC pipe (it's bigger than that, but that's what it's called), cut the following 13 lengths of pipe:
-(6) 1.25" pieces (These are to connect fittings together. When inserted, the two fittings will cover the entire piece.)
-(2) 8.25" pieces for the tall, vertical sides of the rectangle
-(2) 2" pieces for the short, horizontal sides of the rectangle
-(1) 12.25" piece for the long camera support arm
-(1) 5.75" piece for the short camera support arm
-(1) 4.5" piece for the camera support column

(Now that I'm adding these up, I'm realizing it's about 73" of PVC—that's 6 feet and one inch. I used two 5-foot pieces of PVC, because of lots of trial and error as I figured out the design, but this is interesting: I have more than 5 feet remaining. They must be longer than they say.)

You could also substitute each pair of T joints and 45-degree elbows with a single Y joint, but they can be hard to find in stores (since plumbers have little use for them).
<p>Hi griffinity, what kind of thread did you use to sew your lashing straps and canvas belt?</p>
<p>I'm not even sure. It was just some plain black sewing thread in my wife's kit.</p>
<p>We wrote an in-depth tutorial and made a different version. Check it out. http://ilovehatephoto.com/2015/06/01/how-to-build-a-snorricam-harness-part-1-the-setup/</p>
<p>I want to say &quot;Thank you&quot;! Inspired by your instruction i build a mount fitting to my backpack. I liked your construction the most because of using two &quot;arms&quot; in different angles for holding the camera. This quaranteed an strong and stable mount. Realy great job!</p>
Nice modification!
<p>Do you have anymore photos or instructions for making / attaching the straps? I'm trying to source all the parts now but I can't get a clear enough view in the video to work out if what I'm looking at will do the job.</p>
<p>how did you connect the camera to the pvc? what gopro atytachment did you use?</p>
<p>I used the GoPro tripod attachment, which is screwed onto a PVC cap (at 2:27 in the video).</p>
<p>Made it </p>
<p>Hey what was the original length for the two middle parts?</p>
<p>Samuel, attached is a photo with dimensions in inches.</p>
<p>whats the length of the first one haha sorry for the confusion </p>
<p>Sorry, I don't remember.</p>
<p>Ok thanks </p>
<p>yes, we made it :)</p>
<p>Here in the Netherlands it costed 22,71 euro to get the pipes and fittings. But we are still very happy with the result. :)</p>
Where did you run the Warrior Dash?
Joliet, Illinois.
Thats awesome. I went to the one in Colorado.
Do you think this will be able to stay on if I'm jet skiing and fall. I think recording with thos while jet skiing would be an awesome video.
yea that would be sweet, just make sure you make it where if the camera would fall off, it would float back up.
or have a backup like some strong rope or something.
This is awesome!
Indy Mogul!!!!!! My name is plutoisaplanet24.

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