Window Gardening





Introduction: Window Gardening

new design;The Plant Shelf

new design;The Plant Arm

Step 1: Simple Design

just 2 L brackets

2 nuts&bolts

12 short screws

2 wooden planks cut to size

garden rope

first measure everything and create on paper. cut equal sizes of rope always. just take your time, my rope isn't even tied anywhere on the wood or on the L brackets up top. the wood is just sitting in the two loops :) it.s surprisingly sturdy!

Step 2: Lights

in this design I am running a 10W plant arm + 4W plant arm. I may add another 10W on the other side totalling upto 24W.

since everything is sitting in air the heat dissipates and doesn.t accumulate.


to wire an LED grow light, please refer to my in depth post, the plant arm.

Step 3: Conclusion

the dark photos are taken at 12-12:30pm and STILL no direct sun in my apartment. where as the sun has been up since 6am outside. my plants have lost 6hrs already!! i need to make up for this somehow.


aquarium tubing gravity fed water system

arduino controlled temperature, light, moisture sensors + webcam module over wifi (done - the plant health monitor)

I have 10 more citrus trees outside that will have to come back in for the winter. I am going to need a serious system.



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