15 Awesome Wax Hacks! What to Do With Beeswax





Introduction: 15 Awesome Wax Hacks! What to Do With Beeswax

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Here are some really cool uses of wax. Some are with oil, some are with solvents, but all are pretty useful for woodworking, or just anyone interested in making life easier.



Step 1: Beeswax Recipes

Wax is used for all kinds of things, here I have gathered a couple of cool ideas. When combining these wax combination you need to heat up the oil or spirits first. Then you can add solid or melted beeswax to form a concoction. Beeswax was used in all of these applications.

1. FURNITURE POLISH 4:1 Linseed Oil / Wax

2. SAWBLADE 4:1 Mineral Oil / Wax

3. FABRIC WATERPROOFING 1:1 Mineral Spirits / Wax

(Dip fabric in melted wax & mineral spirits and let dry)

4. CUTTING BOARD 4:1 Mineral Oil / Wax

5. DRY SKIN 4:1 Olive Oil / Wax + Aromatic Oils (optional)

6. TABLE SAW 4:1 Mineral Oil / Wax

7. LEATHER CARE 4:1 Linseed Oil / Wax

8. MAKE YOUR OWN SINKER NAILS 3:1 Mineral Spirits / Wax

(Coat nails in melted mineral spirits and wax, let dry)

9. WOODEN SPOONS 4:1 Mineral Oil / Wax

10. WATERPROOFING MATCHES 3:1 Mineral Spirits / Wax

(Coat matches in melted mineral spirits and wax, let dry)

11. WAXIFIED DANISH OIL 4:1 Danish Oil / Wax

12. RUST PROTECTION 4:1 Mineral Oil / Wax


14. DRAWER SLIDERS 4:1 Mineral Oil / Wax

15. FIRE STARTERS 1:1 Sawdust / Wax

(Combine melted wax with sawdust and pour into wooden mold that can be taken apart or silicon mold. Remove from mold when stiff and cut into smaller pieces.)


1: When melting a large amount of beeswax, using a dedicated shop slow cooker will do the job easily.

2. Looking for cheaper mineral oil? Pick up baby oil instead, it's made of 100% mineral oil.



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    2 years ago

    I use two different methods for the firestarter. If you use a hardwood sawdust and pour it into a plastic ice cube tray with a bit of candle wick, one cube will burn long enough to start a good fire. I also stir redwood chips into the wax and keep stirring till the wax cools. It gives you loose chips you can keep in a bag and use by the handful as you need.

    Thenk you very much for video. It is realy great.

    Please, could you explain what mineral spirit is? Is it that "white spirit"? But it stinks! Perhaps you use something else for fabric?

    I'm guessing it lasts 30 seconds; since that would be a good amount of time to put on some dry grass and sticks.

    It lasts more then 30 seconds. I use not sawdust, but ruspings (hope, it's right word). I mean something like wood chips, not dust. Put them into cardboard egg cartons and poor melted wax. 3 "eggs" are enough to make good fire from wood or charcoal.

    Well the amount in the whole mold would probably last for way over an hour. The smaller bits I lit lasted about 10-15 min.

    awesome thanks one last question would it be possible to make in one of those flexible molds? and is the sawdust measured by weight or by volume?

    oh also, I'll have to ask my dad what kind of wax he uses, but he uses a wax and water mixture to fill in scratches on his veneer countertops.

    Parafin wax would work great for the firestarter bit as well, probably better than the beeswax

    I've also seen recipes for leather conditioners that use beeswax

    1 reply

    Never mind guys posted to the wrong thing sorry

    How to broken off bolt

    You have table saw on here, does that go on the blade? Saw blade was mentioned earlier in the list. Or does it go on a different part?

    2 replies

    An easy sourçe for bees wax are the wax rings plumbers use for mounting toilets. You can get them at any hardware store or big box home center.

    1 reply

    I am wonder about the purity of a wax ring intended for a toilet seal. You may not want it on your skin or cutting board.