Have you ever wanted to get work done in the time you waste sleeping? Now you can!

This project is essentially a highly complex lucid dream mask which detects REM sleep by eye movement.
You can then send predefined eye commands to the mask when inside your dream to control the outside world!

want to turn on a speaker with a preset soundtrack to soar above the clouds to?

want to set an alarm in your dream to wake you up in a certain time?

want to communicate with morse code and talk with people outside your dream?

theoretically you could even connect two of these up to communicate over the internet and talk dream to dream.. 

the possibilities are endless.

Yes Yes, that's a bit of a stretch but controlling things with single commands sent from the eye as in moving eyes up 3 times in a row can trigger really anything you can attach to it. More work will be done for figuring good eye commands and light feedback in the future


I know there are a few lucid dream masks on instructables but most or all of them just have predefined triggers every x amounts of hours to notify you are sleeping. not only is this harmful to your quality of sleep but its a trial by error approach. You end up obtaining lucidity by random and its a chance of luck If you do get notified when you are in rem sleep.

This mask accurately detects rem sleep patterns and then notifies you when you are 100% in REM sleep so that you will always have full control of your dream and not be abruptly awoken annoyingly or damaging your sleep quality.

please keep in mind that this is my first electronics project with little to no understanding of any components before I started this.
zero programming knowledge and zero experience making anything. A lot of this is rough and patchwork so please take it easy on me.
I learned everything about c++, mircocontrollers and circuits while I was making this. So If you are unsure of your capabilities, just know that you probably have more experience than I did before making this.

Step 1: Ingredients! (part List)

Parts included:
hook up wire
ATmega328(p)or similar
(p) is better for power consumption in sleep when using a battery pack
an arduino or AVR programmer
6 red 3mm leds
10k resistors for pullups/pulldowns
200-400 ohm resistors for leds
breadboard for prototyping(optional if you are ballsy)
1 inch perf-board or PCB squares
SPDT switch
normally open button switch
any wall plug @ 5v . 250 and above mA(pretty much any charger for phones in the past decade)
an opamp(I used an LM358)
and the key component (Piezo Vibration Sensor) found here: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9196


20mhz crystal oscillator( I used the internal 8mhz)
piezio speaker for an alarm/testing
female and male connectors for interfacing with actual electronics possibly audio 3mm jacks/plugs
micro controller socket for easy removability
lithium polymer battery (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/731)
mini lithium charger (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10217) be careful, you have to remove a surface mount resistor and replace it with your own to make the charger compatible with sub 500ma batteries.

I got most of my components from element14, shipping at cheapest option arrived in 3 days internationally.. I was pretty impressed. and the prices are the cheapest I've seen


<p>Mask costs 15$ ?</p>
<p>Very interesting project!</p><p>It seems that your link to the code has expired. I would really appreciate if you could upload a new link to the code.</p>
<p>Hey.</p><p>Thank you for your work.</p><p>I would be very thankful/ if you put:mention on your website book The.Luciferian.Doctrine.</p><p>/</p><p>http://foreverthemostimportant.com/</p><p>http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewdocument/198312/The_Luciferian_Doctrine/</p><p>https://pl.scribd.com/doc/257008059/The-Luciferian-Doctrine-v1-01b</p><p>/x: I can offer you a link-back @ xernt dot com: website.</p><p>Thanks</p><p>#1k</p>
<p>Anyone made a lucid dream machine and has a easier to understand instructable also for beginner? :)</p>
<p>Upon reading up about the Piezo sensor it says that it can produce up to -/+90v!! <br>Is this something to be concerned about considering its so close to the eyes / brain / face?<br>Reference:http://proto-pic.co.uk/piezo-vibration-sensor-large/</p>
hey, dream wizard, how's your project now? how's your updates? or maybe you are now lives completly in your dreams? great thing!!<br>
<p>could you control a computer program with this, something like word so i could essentially type messages out to people while im dreaming </p>
<p>could you post links on where to get all the components </p>
This is an awesome project! I heard of something similar, but it used lasers/infrared or something. This is much more do-able. <br>Have you had any success identifying when you are in REM??? <br>Can you post graphs of your own eye movement during your sleep cycle??? <br>I am definitely going to try this
This is awesome. I have 0 exp. with arduino but with your testimonial it seems like the perfect project to learn from. I've been really interested with binurals and tricks of the mind for awhile now, and I'm definitely going to try this.
I've been playing and employing binaural for a few years and strongly suspect placebo effect.
i voted for this in the 3d printer contest. best of luck ^_^

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