Picture of 15-Minute DVD Sorting and Storage Board
If you're like me, you have a zillion DVD's lying around, with movies, photos, software, music and all kinds of stuff - the only problem is: finding the one you need when you need it, and before that particular disc is destroyed through normal wear-and-tear.

Here's a simple project that will help keep all those discs organized - inexpensive and easy to create.

Gather a few simple materials:  Scrap board, old CD or DVD for placement, plastic hangers, drill with large bits (fitting hangers), pruning sheers (could use hacksaw blade or bread knife), pen or pencil, drywall screws.

Step 1: Mark board

Picture of Mark board
Make your mark 5" apart to allow space for DVDs.
efen_fauzi1 year ago
you look awesome with your body.. hahaha(Just kidding).. .but nice idea...
scoochmaroo4 years ago
Very handy!