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Introduction: 15-Minute Halter Top (T-shirt Hacks Contest)

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Need a halter top RIGHT FREAKING NOW? Here's how to make a stylish, no-sew top in just 15 minutes with an old T-shirt and a pair of scissors.

Step 1: You Will Need:

For this project you will need:

A T-shirt
A pair of scissors

I know, you might have to go to some kind of T-shirt-hacking specialty store to get these.

Step 2: Snippity Snip

Turn the T-shirt inside out and cut off the collar and sleeves, removing as little excess fabric as possible. If you want a lower neckline, you can cut a little more out of the front of the collar, but I would wait to do this until the end after you've tried it on. (You can always alter this shirt more later.)

Step 3: Cutting Out the Back

Make a straight cut along the imaginary line that connects the bottoms of the sleeve holes. Open this flap and lie it flat.

Step 4: Making the Straps

To start making the straps, start cutting on one side of the neck hole in a line that curves slightly towards the middle of the back panel. When you've done this on both sides, the straps should lie flat and make a rounded "V" shape with the neckline.

Step 5: Trimming the Straps

Trim along the straps until they are about three or four inches wide. Avoid cutting more fabric away from the body of the shirt.

Step 6: Wear and Enjoy!

Ta da! A stylish halter top in about 15 minutes.

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I totally lost you with step 3 your missing something there, your not saying to sew the shirt so how is the front to back going to lay flat if your not taking out the side seams?

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There is no side seam where the sleeves are. Removing the sleeves and cutting across the back allows the back to be a continuation of the front.

As I've said before, the main point of this instructable is speed and ease. If you want a fitted garment, you will of course have to put more work into it. This project is a jumping-off point which anyone can take as far as they lie depending on their particular skills and needs.

I thought I memorized all the steps, but of course, cut my straps too short. D'oh! Shoulda checked. Other than that, I love this!

this is great! im going as a hippie for Halloween, which is three days away and I have no costume yet, and costumes are hard to find for me since im plus size. I totally love this idea for a halter, so im gonna tye dye a shirt and use this pattern!

Thanks for telling us to turn it over. I ruined my shirt.

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I did try to make that clear by calling this step 'cutting out the BACK'

thank you iam really going enjoy making them it well be a lot cooler!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! I just attempted it and im wearing it right now. I feel ssssoooooo much cooler now!! Thank you for the instructable! I am forever in debt to you!

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I must reply near a year later to say thank you again.  I have made a few more....ah, again thanks for the shop idea....and myself have enjoyed my few meager dollars which I have frittered away on more cut - away Ts.  You really should open a shop and sell these things you know?  btw, I have stopped selling at the moment.

FINALLY a use for all those trade show tees!

Doh! i love this!! wooo i'm so excited to try it out!

Thank you, this gave me a great start on a simple project that got me off of my arse by its sheer simplicity. After I cut it up and tried it on, I had the problem mentioned above: it hung way too large around the torso. I spent about 10 minutes hand-sewing a new seam in the back by guesstimation and it works wonderfully. But now I'm messing with the straps...either way, this should be a great shirt in under an hour that I had to use a bit o' problem solving for. A great beginner project, especially to expand on.

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One more note: I tried using pinking shears. I don't recommend the look.

love it! great job! i'm going to try and make a dress out of it!

Ummm...is it just me, or should I have used a size or two smaller? I tried to make this with my normal size and was HUGE! And hung like a cowl-neck in the back. Let me know if I'm wrong, but I think people should use at least one size smaller so it's not hanging off you. But great instructable! Thanks!

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well I think it depends on how you like your t-shirts, and the fabric. Both of the shirts I've used for this project have been my size, but they were also both relatively new so the fabric hadn't had time to wear and stretch out. The thing about this project is that its main aim is speed, if you want to make something more finished and sturdy it would involve tweaking the garment a bit more than I did here (mainly adding hems and being more precise with measurements to make sure it fits.)

Smexy, i like your look better with the longer hair in back. very smexy. :)

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