Introduction: 15 Minute Teriyaki Chicken

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What you need:

Teriyaki Sauce


 There are no measurements. You can’t really mess this up unless you under or over cook it.



Don’t burn yourself. Wash everything when you’re done. Cook meat thoroughly.

Step 1: Wash and Trim

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Wash your chicken! Then trim it chicken. I’m a bit obsessive about it and trim all the fat off.

Step 2: Cut

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Cut the chicken into small strips or nuggets. It’s easier to eat, cooks faster and absorbs more sauce

Step 3: Cook!

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Place pan on burner and set to medium-high. Add chicken. Cook the chicken until it browns on the outside. Be sure to rotate it so it cooks evenly and completely. Cut a larger piece in half to check when you think it’s done. It should only take around 7 minutes.

If you’re burning the chicken turn the heat down.

Step 4: Marinade

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Reduce heat. Add a bit of water. This will cool the pan, keep the chicken from drying out and thin out the sauce. Go easy on the water. 

Add teriyaki sauce! Put enough in so meat is covered about ¼ to ½ the way up. Stir it around.

You want the sauce to gently bubble. Cook until the sauce gets a little thicker. About 5 minutes should be fine. We aren’t making tar.

Step 5: Serve

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Turn off the heat and serve it over rice!


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