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Introduction: 15 Minute Wild Bird Feeder

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This is one of the easiest wild bird feeders I have designed. The fact that it is open and the birds feel safe landing on it makes it great for pictures and temping rarer birds that won't land on a confined feeder. It's not only cheap but only takes about 15 minutes and uses things you probably have around the house.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

The only thing you might have to buy would be the expandable window screen. They are available at hardware store to fit into windows that don't have screens. The cost is about $5.00 to $7.00. There are many sizes available and you can choose what size depending on where you plan to hang it. The one I am using for the demonstration is one of the smallest; but I bet you will want to go bigger when you see how great it works.

Items Needed:

1. One expandable screen

2. Something to hang it with: para-cord, heavy string, or lightweight chain, about 8' of what you choose.

3. One small nail and hammer or something to start a small hole for the screws. An icepick works just as good.

4. Pliers, flat and needle nose if you are using chain.

5. Small screw eyes. Four are all you need for each feeder.

6. Bird seed

Step 2: Make the Little Start Holes

Mark a dot on each corner where the screw eyes will go. Check to see that the hole will be in just the wood and not the metal part close to the edge.

Hammer the nail or poke with the ice pick a little hole to make it easier to start the screw eye.

Step 3: Screw in the Screw Eyes

Screw in one screw eye in each corner. This is where the pliers come in. Some people can do it with out the pliers but I am a wimp and have to use the pliers. Try and face all the screws the same direction to make it hang level at the end.

Step 4: Attach the Hangers

If you are using chain, open one segment and hook it in a screw eye. Close the link, then run it over to the opposing corner and decide how far you want to hang down. Open another link and attach it to the screw eye. Attach the chain to the third screw eye and run it over to the opposing side. Try to measure and make the chains the same length. You can measure before hand or just do it by eye.

If you are using cord or string just cut four lengths of it and put one end through the screw eye and tie a knot to keep it from going through. Gather the four together and tie a knot at the top.

On the chain I use a bread twisty tie to gather the chains at the top to keep them together.

Step 5: Hang and Add Birdseed

Find a place you can watch the birds, hang and add seeds. It won't take long and you will have a lot of hungry birds. One great thing about this feeder is that when it rains, the water goes through and the seeds are not ruined.

Enjoy Birding!



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Is 15 minutes really enough time for the birds to finish eating? ;D

Great idea. It looks like it might also be effective at keeping squirrels away.

i never saw a squirrel :(

it's seems to be so fluffly ^_^

Well done, Ludvicka! My NEXT project! Voted, "hearted" n Shared and Followed! :-) love peeps that share positive focused info ... Kudos.

If you have trouble with squirrels, check out my other plans for a Big Bird and Squirrel Proof Feeder. The squirrels in Texas can jump and get to just about any thing that you could hang from a tree or deck. Thanks for looking and good luck with the squirrels.

Clever- the mesh will make cleaning it a snap. Just unhook it and hose it off. Don't forget it is important to clean these regularly or they can be a vector for avian diseases.

Thanks, take pictures and send them in. Good Luck

I've been wanting to get a bird feeder, but am too cheap to buy one. I love, love, love this 'structable!! I'm making one tomorrow!!! thanks!!