Picture of 15 Second Paper Screamer
This is my first instructable, so I thought I'd do something simple. Sorry for the lack of any actual photographs; my camera lost its will to live and dove off the table... I hope my crude 'Paint' drawings will suffice.

This may be common knowledge. Feel free to let me know if my instructable is completely worthless. Here we go...

Step 1: Rectangulatin'

Picture of Rectangulatin'
You'll need a small rectangle of paper. Size and precision are not important here (you don't even need scissors, just tear it out). 2 inches by 4 inches works well.
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mmorbo10 months ago

this is awesome and extremely easy! thank you so much :D I'm off to annoy the whole city

CamelMoose5 years ago
Awesome! Thanks so much but could you add a tip to hold it? Its quite to know how to blow but...

For those people who don't know how to blow into it properly follow this (It's easier) :

1) Hold it landscape (opposite to the picture).
2) Hold it with 2 hands and DON'T squeeze just hold firmly.
3) BLOW!

That way it should work =D 
lycoris36 years ago
love'n it love'n it love'n it!!!!!!!!!!! my sisters don't though.....mwah ha ha ha ha!!!!! thanks for the instructable!!!!
LSP6 years ago
A piece of plastic does pretty much the same thing but you can experiment with the size of the holes and produce different pitches. Nice, I'll teach this to my students the next time we do some paper project and we have bits of paper. Ought to annoy the other teachers like hell but the kids are gonna love it. Sure the look isn't great but the idea is. Keep it up.
halo2party6 years ago
looks like hes picking his nose lol
I made it, but how do you hold it? I don't quite understand the last step. I'd be very grateful if you could help me. :)
I might possibly be able to help you. O K. It is sort of hard to tell you I would have to show you. ANYWAY, you hold it like this: _/\_ With your fingers on the sides HERE->_/\_<- And Here. A good illustration would be to look up the insructable paper whistle on the picture shown is how you should hold this one. This is for if I am confusing the crap out of you. Then(we are back in how to hold the screamer) You just move your fingers together and apart until the screamer makes a high pitch squealing noise.
ploofpixie6 years ago
dont sware ......... joke cool
OGaskin8 years ago
this whistle is very annoying i used it in class long story short a fight ensued and one kid is in jail the other suspended effective, eh?
how tell me all that happended on my page...
Doesn't work
Tabbies1017 years ago
airhayden7 years ago
this thing kicks *** brought it on a school bus , and annoyed the crap out of everyone, excelent
it works!! sweeet!!!!! 5 star!
I'm selling them at school for like 10 cents
A good name7 years ago
I wouldn't say it's pointless, just way too simple. Maybe make an entire instructable about things that you can make out of paper when you're bored. :P
Ben.land1017 years ago
bad instructable but fun screamer thing
sideways7 years ago
LOL!! It works great after playing around for a min or two. I have a new way to annoy people!
This Thing is Awsome! I know what im doing on the bus tomorrow.....
I just cut it . It worked fine
dezire7 years ago


brzmaniac7 years ago
damn, i just cant get mine to work, does it work wit three notches?
o my gosh u r one of the coolest people i know haha. this is a beast. nice job on the paintings. i got mine to work first try. sweet!
kid1238 years ago
My ears hurt like a...
kittykat958 years ago
nice drawings.
Spedy8 years ago
This Is cool, I tried it, but do you actually make little triangle holes in the paper or just strait tears? Still, Very good.
Wow. This instructable isn't worthless at all. I got mine to work right after i folded. It's also a great dog call, but my dog starts barking like mad when i do it. Once again, very nice instructable.
LasVegas8 years ago
When I was a kid, a blade of grass between the thumbs was most effective.
yeh wen u wer a kid u also saw the dinosaurs die
I take it you got a D- in spelling... Or was it an Incomplete?
i do that and blowing on a sweet rapper works well too
hahaha, I had to look at that for a second, but I got it...
weebl Thorgo18 years ago
your awesome
weebl Thorgo18 years ago
dcshoeco338 years ago
i cant get mine to work either.... i guess i dont know what u mean buy a tear or notch and w/e. can some1 explain better
Rip off bits of paper as shown in the diagram.
istupid118 years ago
that is f-in awsome i got it to work after bout 20 mins
i got it to work and it is mad its so loud
masticate8 years ago
i'm not sure what kind of notch you mean. Do you mean a tear or a wedge-shaped removal?
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