Introduction: 15 Simple Life Hacks / Home Hacks

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I love making something. And I love make something easier and better. Now i will show you "15 Simple Life Hacks / Home Hacks" You can follow my hacks easily. Ok let's get started!!!

Step 1: Pick Up Something That Had Fall on the Sidelines of the Rooms

Picture of Pick Up Something That Had Fall on the Sidelines of the Rooms

Did you ever dropped something in the corner of the house?

try this method!

Step 2: Tidying USB Cables

Picture of Tidying USB Cables

do you have lots of messy cables in your home?

try to tidying your cables with this way!!

Step 3: Hanging Kitchen Equipment

Picture of Hanging Kitchen Equipment

do you want to take your kitchen equipment quickly and easily ?

Use magnets!

Step 4: Clean a Mirror / Glass

Picture of Clean a Mirror / Glass

Your mirror / glass is dirty? try this!

Step 5: Check the Temperatures. Fast Way

Picture of Check the Temperatures. Fast Way

Want to know how the temperature now?

Use Thermometer and put the thermometer near the exit door!

Step 6: Hanging the Dolls

Picture of Hanging the Dolls

Do you have a lot of dolls for display? look this way!

Step 7: Mini Tools Box

Picture of Mini Tools Box

Are you have a many mini tools?

want to keep it good?
use mini box!

Step 8: Best Place to Hide Your Money!

Picture of Best Place to Hide Your Money!

Do you often lose your money?
hide your money now!

Step 9: Fix Broken Cables

Picture of Fix Broken Cables

Usb cable is very often damaged.!?
use this method to solve it.!

Step 10: Fix Scratched Walls

Picture of Fix Scratched Walls

your door handle is leave a mark and scratched on the wall of your house?
try to fix it with FOAM TAPE.

Step 11: SAVE WATER!!!

Picture of SAVE WATER!!!

Your water bill is very Expensive??
maybe because you wasted your water in your closets.

solve it now!

Step 12: Fix Jammed Doors

Picture of Fix Jammed Doors

Your door is jammed?
try to clean the underneath with a ruler.

It will help.

Step 13: Clean Your Wall

Picture of Clean Your Wall

walls of your house is dirty.

try to clean with this way

Step 14: Clean the Dirt From Sport Equipment

Picture of Clean the Dirt From Sport Equipment

have sports equipment?
Sometimes the sports equipment that leave a dirt. so fix that with this method!

Step 15: Cleaning the Sawdust

Picture of Cleaning the Sawdust

Like making wood craft with saw?

it will be leave the sawdust.

lets clean the sawdust!!

Step 16: All Steps Is Finish.

My 15 simple life hacks is finish.

Sorry for my bad english.

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Thank you very much for looks my work.

I am sorry for my bad english. :)


zappenfusen (author)2016-04-20

Do you not have spackling in Indonesia and how does the Rubber Spring repair a broken cable? I admire your knowledge of a 2nd language, Bravo! Something has been lost in translation of Instructable however.


SaladBowl (author)zappenfusen2016-08-10

Zapp, I don't think it will repair, but it can stop damage if you put it on as soon as you get new cords; just about any spring or cord that supports will work (even tape or wire wrapped tightly.)

balsuryana (author)zappenfusen2016-04-21

sorry for that. Btw thanks for look my work! :)

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