Contrary to popular belief, cheap vodka is not only for boozehounds and college freshmen. There are many legitimate ways to use vodka that go beyond mere consumption: cleaning, baking, deodorizing, and even drinking (with a few tweaks for flavor.)

Inexpensive vodka makes an excellent replacement for pricier products that do the same thing. Sure, a cabinet full of McCormick's vodka is more difficult to explain than some Windex. But the savings should make up for the worried looks and shaking heads you'll get for buying the cheap stuff by the case. At your intervention, you can teach them all these unusual uses for cheap vodka. Read on to learn more...

Step 1: Forget Expensive Dry Cleaning Bills

Spritz down your garments with a vodka dilution between dry cleaning to remove odors!

Unfortunately, this does nothing for stains, so once you've spilled red wine on your favorite white coat, you've really got no other option but take it to the professionals.  Or, you know, just soak the whole thing in red wine and make it new again!
No more weird mysterious chemicals, with flamboyant names, I am making my own cosmetic products for years now. !<br><br>I use vodka with ordinary kitchen herbs and/or spices added as an aftershave.<br><br>One of my most successful recipes is with a combination of parsley nutmeg cloves and lemon. I add a bit of alum to take care of little shaving cuts and just a pinch borax to prevent spoilage (both of which I purchased at a local pharmacy, and dissolved in some hot water).<br><br>I even use vodka with nettle tops (Urtica dioica), as a lotion for my scalp and hair.<br>Boil young tops (Urtica dioica), picked just before flowering (use gloves or just plastic shopping bags over the hands when picking), with a little water, then pour through a cloth, add borax (see above) and vodka to the liquid, ready.<br><br>Very refreshing!
<p>besides below&hellip; smelling like an Archway Cookie must attract the fat chicks!</p>
<p>This works, and vanilla extract is expensive. </p>
If you use an E-Cig with replaceable parts, you can use it to clean the whole thing. The atomizer, filter, tank, mouthpiece, airflow control, just about all of the parts to it. Just let the parts set emerged in some cheap vodka for 5-30 mins, depending on how bad it needs cleaned. Let it dry and you're good to go. Makes the whole thing work like new again.
<p>Vodka and other high-alcohol spirit drinks are great cleaners at home. Perfect to dissolve glue or sticker residue, as well as great for cleaning glass, screens and LCD.</p>
<p>step 15 can be done more cheaply if you dont have the cash for a carbon filter</p><p>use a coffe filter and some cups then filter the vodka at least 20 times to make it better <br>yes it works its proven by the mythbusters</p>
<p>i see another excuse to get the old pot still out. i see another &pound;10 gallon of 80% ethanol in the making. </p>
<p>I drink mouthwash pure because I am too young to buy vodka. </p>
<p>Vodka is also a great way to hold a pet who's ingested anitftreeze over until you can get it to the vet.</p>
It's also great for pets who have ingested chocolate (poisonous to both dogs AND cats). <br>It will slow their metabolism enough for you to get them to a vet where they will give them an IV that does essentially the same thing, but works better and allows the animal to be monitored carefully.
<p>p.s. to below! alcohol is a solvent (surprise!)!! Use it on your eyewear at JUST THE RIGHT CONCENTRATION, (or repeatedly) AND REMOVE THOSE EXPENSIVE OPTICAL COATINGS YOU PAID FOR!!</p><p>.</p><p>Everything from protection from scratches to UV protection! Read the instructions for your eyeglasses! Even coated GLASS (not acrylic or polycarb) is the same! Only if you have pure, eyeball stabbing glass (upon shattering) that is uncoated, can you do whatever you want.</p><p>.</p><p>Until we get to the list of CLEANERS that will etch glass!! Isn&rsquo;t chemistry FUN!?</p>
<p>WRONG. CHEAP vodka is never THAT cheap. And to use it on DRY CLEANING? It&rsquo;s going to be 60% water (by law, or otherwise purer, and not cheap at all!!) - and WATER is not what you want on a suit!!!</p><p>.</p><p>Tossing a suit in a dryer for a non-dryer sheet tumble, or having a strong fan pointing at it for a while will do more to refresh a garment than turning it temporarily into a flammable one!!!</p><p>.</p><p>how stupid do people have to be?? TRY EVERCLEAR INSTEAD! It&rsquo;s 95% - nearly anhydrous, and use that for windows and your clothes, jello shots and more! Don&rsquo;t be surprised if your dryer explodes if you toss in a garment for smell and wrinkle relief, but THAT&rsquo;S THE RISK YOU TAKE WITH FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS ON WHAT YOU WEAR!!!</p><p>.</p><p>CLEANER WINDOWS?? Yes! newer cleaners ALREADY use methanol and almost pure ethanol (just barely denatured)-at 100%, as a surfactant. WHY DO YOU NEED MORE? Invisible Glass is &ldquo;expensive&rdquo; for this reason. You want cheap alcohol for this kind of thing? Then BUY it for that kind of thing - non-consumable, free of excise taxes that make ethanol expensive, highly distilled (just not filtered for taste) at near 100% ethanol, with a few drops of methanol to make you go BLIND if you try to drink it. THAT&rsquo;s why E-85 (85% ethanol) fuel is only $4 a gallon!!</p><p>Where are you going to find VODKA for $4/gallon for non-ingestion uses??</p><p>As for the fermented dental uses? If not pure&hellip; then yes! After all, it was made from cellulosic (carbohydrates) by fermentation! It sterilizes, but alcohol also dries. If it is made from bourbon or whiskey mash, then it has many sugars present. There is NOTHING anaerobic bacteria like propionic bacteria LOVE more than a stable pH and a dry mouth. It&rsquo;s why cavities can still go to town under crowns and why &ldquo;meth mouth&rdquo; exists (and pot mouth, alcohol mouth and anti-depressant mouth, and antihistamine mouth!!!).</p><p>.</p><p>Find a kid with new adult teeth - that uses any anticholinergic drug? You&rsquo;ll find cavities out the wazoo within 6 months. Enough to ruin their mouthes in a few years, so that by 40, the weaknesses in the teeth are built in, from the drilling done when they were 10-12 years old. Old fillings leak, contract, crack, replaced by larger and larger fillings - (my favorite? The molar with the North/South/East/West cross of filling in the center.</p><p>.</p><p>GUESS WHAT&rsquo;s HOLDING OPPOSITE CORNERS TO EACH OTHER?</p><p>.</p><p>NOTHING!!</p><p>.</p><p>So over time - tooth stress causes these to break off - open the tooth to massive decay (and showing the already present massive decay) requiring first, if you&rsquo;re lucky to have someone who uses them, criss/cross gold pins and liquid UV curable filling material to bind it all together like a broken corner from a concrete wall. OTherwise - it&rsquo;s a crown (and after 6 months to 10 years, the cavity under the crown requires more drilling, then a root canal THROUGH the crown you just paid $1000 for, (or removal and replacement) - and eventually, REMOVAL - and if you&rsquo;re lucky, a bridge or a steel screw into your draw to hold a new, faake tooth. If you ARE NOT LUCKY, the decay has gone into the bone, and it will require a LOT of time, pain, bone fragments from the bone bank (or your hip!) and bone protein, to grow back the missing bone in your jaw or your head (upper vs. lower) - and/or lovely bags of methylmethacrylate or similar bone cements - same used in back surgery where the osteoporosis has left no vertebra solid enough to put a screw into for a fusion!!</p><p>THEN - you can have an implant or bridge, once they have fixed the bone decay in your face.</p><p>WANT SOME MORE INFO ON WHY MOUTHWASH ONLY HAS A LITTLE BIT OF ALCOHOL - and it is SD Alcohol (also denatured to prevent drinking) - to sterilize.</p><p>.</p><p>btw&hellip; Mr Aftershave? You sure you want vodka on your face? It&rsquo;s true - in transdermal drug delivery, alcohol is used, but for one of two purposes. To keep the solution in a delivery state and hasten evaporation after application. A byproduct of this is minor sterilization of the skin.</p><p>Everything else you&rsquo;re adding IS ALREADY PRESENT - though I wouldn&rsquo;t be using Borax on my FACE - it, like alcohol, will dry it out. So hey &mdash; look wrinkled before you time! Pre-shaves have SD-alcohol to remove the oil from the beard so the other stearates can penetrate the beard and quickly soften the beard, especially for electrics. Detergent does it in foam and blade shaving.</p><p>Aftershave with alcohol and FACE-WIDE application of a stypic pencil?? You want oil free, 100% dry face, that will show your age in 5 years, and double your age in 10?? Have at it!! Why dissolve in water? You have alcohol (though if you&rsquo;re not using alcohol for that &mdash; you&rsquo;re still using a drying mix of acid and spices - which is then neutralized by the pH 9.5 Borax - and you end up with a face that&rsquo;s DRY and smells like some kind of soup someone made while freaking out on LSD.</p><p>.</p><p>You might as well concentrate the nutmeg AND GO AHEAD AND FREAK OUT!! That&rsquo;s it&rsquo;s other magical property! Be sure and add isopropyl myristate! A mixture of rubbing alcohol and mystric acid (derived from nutmeg!!) - it helps chemicals and cosmetics (and drugs for transdermal delivery) get through the skin.</p><p>.</p><p>A PERFECT PLACE FOR NUTMEG PROPERLY DISSOLVED!</p><p>.</p><p>HALLUCINOGENIC AFTERSHAVE!!</p><p>.</p><p>All of you weekend chemists make me laugh my arse off until you start mixing cleaners. I&rsquo;ve corrected so many explosive or neurotoxic mixtures that I finally stuck with one identity for continuity and credibility.</p><p>.</p><p>I also just notified the editor of editors - to HALT the posting of featured cleaners that are filled with extra recipes of DOOM below the original recipe of DOOM, be it neurotoxic, flammable, or both.</p><p>.</p><p>IT&rsquo;S NATURAL!!</p><p>.</p><p>There are several hotspots on earth where pools of running water concentrated enough of micro-mix if pure uranium that they actually go critical and boil away the water that washed them in place in the first place!! LOOK IT UP YOURSELF. It was previously not thought common, but it is. It need not be large to generate large amounts of heat.</p><p>.</p><p>Eventually it dries and cracks the clay/soil matrix holding it together to such an extent (that&rsquo;s the non-science way of explaining it) that the next rain, finally disburses it far and wide. Until then - you could sit on it, burn your arse, and look forward to massive ass tumors (if your ass is massive) or just massive tumors on your NOW massive ass.</p><p>LAVA IS NATURAL TOO. NOT THE SOAP. CLEAN YOUR CAR WITH SOME WHILE MOLTEN. BE SURE TO USE A NATURAL ASBESTOS GLOVE AND SPONGE!</p><p>&lt; /rolling my eyeballs at all of you &gt; (the slash = &ldquo;end&rdquo; for those that don&rsquo;t know basic HTML)</p>
<p>Great base for handcrafted Colognes. </p>
<p>yeah&hellip; awesome. btw - styptic pencil and alum = same thing, hence the reference above.</p>
<p>Awesome with just the vodka cause then you can swallow it after swooshing!</p>
Vodka mouthwash would be great in a pinch - especially if you've had a wonderful lunch involving raw onions - but many dentists (including my own) advise against regular use of alcohol based mouthwashes because they use a &quot;scorched earth&quot; method, killing all the bacteria, good and bad. When the bacteria repopulate the mouth, the bad bacteria get a chance to flourish, and bad breath returns in a big way.<br><br>As far as the fierce comment battle going on regarding colloidal silver - I worked for years at a holistic wellness center, and have no ties to any product (the center had no brand loyalty either). I've found that for short term use, it can be beneficial. Quantity and quality of the product matter - I would not feel comfortable with a patient making thier own, taking it daily for life, but using a commerical product where PPM is known - for fighting microorganisms when you are sick (internal use) or externally for skin infections or wounds, colliodal has worked well. Alternatively, for those of your uncomfortable with silver, GSE (grapefruit seed extract) may be preferable - just make sure it is well diluted.
<p>Those silver-ion burn bandages are awesome. I had some serious 2nd-degree burns on my hand, and they healed up in a few days, for the most part.</p>
Thanks for the info about using a vodka mouthwash often.. I had been using a diluted one that I had made, and it seemed to do a good job, but I don't like the idea of a scorched earth strategy.. I guess I will go back to trying to flavor apple cider vinegar.. which doesn't taste as mouthwashy, but did seem to do a better job..<br>
<p>whatever you use (ACV is at least a healthy, simple variant, ready for consumption as is, and only slightly acidic) - you are always best served with as close to 7 a pH as you can get to balance the bacterial flora of the mouth.</p><p>Unless you&rsquo;re a florist - then do it for the florAL arrangement IN your mouth.</p>
I've been using cheap vodka to disinfect reusable water bottles for some time now. Swish and rinse. Effective, cheap, and (relatively) non-toxic.
<p>Drink it! </p>
<p>Baking soda solution, and shake. Or, for some fireworks, baking soda solution, shake, and then toss in some vinegar. Both have antibacterial properties.</p>
Keep in mind you are probably not disinfecting them. Alcohol doesn't really work well as a disinfectant below 70% or 140 proof. If you are buying the 40%, 80 proof vodka then you're just wasting money.
<p>Finally - common sense and knowledge appear in this thread!!</p>
Which is why I keep some 'shine around for my Nalgenes. You can drink it, after, or use it to light your charcoal grill!
<p>Rubbing alcohol (isopropanol) works as well and is cheaper, except for anything intended for consumption. Even the cheap stuff at 70% is nearly twice as strong as vodka at 40%. I read of a construction crew that had to bore holes in concrete and keep them from filling with water and freezing overnight so they bought cheap vodka, filled the holes and taped over them. Rubbing alcohol diluted by half would have been cheaper, not that cheap matters in construction. I haven't found any alcohol to work well as an adhesive remover; it works some of the time. If you need pure alcohol, add a few spoons of table salt to rubbing alcohol and shake it up. Let it sit, shake. Do that a couple of times. Unlike ethanol (drinking alcohol), isopropanol is insoluble in salt water. You can see the boundary layer--pure isopropanol on top and salt water below. Beats distilling if you only need small quantities, like a few quarts at a time. It's more available than denatured alcohol. </p>
<p>Wasting vodka! Shame on you! Did you smoke weed?</p><p>:-]-~</p>
<p>I'm not 100% certain but I thought tee tree oil is poisonous to take internally?</p>
nice photo!
If you added enough vodka to a large cut could it make its way into your blood system and get you drunk. You'd forget about the cut pretty quickly! ;) <br>
If a wound was big enough to absorb 1 shot glass of vodka, I think you have bigger problems to worry about than getting drunk :)
Great instructable. My friend's father is in charge of a <a href="http://www.badedds.com" rel="nofollow">family dentistry practice in Indiana</a> and he agreed with all of these uses.
Your last line reminds me of advice my partner's mom's doctor gave her when he and his sister were teething: <br>&quot;Pour a shot of rum. Dip your finger in it, and rub it on the baby's gums... then drink the remainder of the shot. Repeat as needed...&quot; <br>:-)
Would this honestly work for <a href="http://preferredjanitorialatlanta.com" rel="nofollow">window cleaning in Atlanta GA</a>? Why do you need to use newspapers for it and not a regular clothe? I think I might go for the vinegar first since I have some, and then maybe the vodka. Then again with how much free time I don't have I will probably end up hiring a company to come clean it all for me.
Ordinary Isopropyl alcohol purchased at the drug store for 78 cents per pint (16 oz) consists of alcohol at 70% by volume, or 140 proof. Your cheap vodka probably costs $3.00 per pint, and proofs out at 80 proof, or 40% by volume. So buy a bottle at the drugstore (isopropyl alcohol), add an additional 16 oz of water, and use that for anything in your 'ible' that is NOT for human consumption. Your end cost will be about 78 cents for a whole quart! Seems like you went to a whole lot of trouble..... Only difference is that you can't drink isopropyl alcohol, but you can use it for everything else!
Denatured alcohol is even cheaper, 90+%, and much more guaranteed not to leave residues. The iso 70 often leave a film. Iso90 is relatively pricy. <br> <br>The other point being: It's pretty easy to pick up a handle of vodka for $6 or so in many states, which comes out to 42 cents a pint.
It doesn't work like that, vodka only gets worse as it gets through charcoal filter. Even mythbusters have tried that.
I've done this several times and it works VERY well--mythbusters agreed!
Commercial Vodka produced outside of the primary Vodka countries often is purified by running it through activated carbon filters. In the countries that have long been traditional Vodka producers they don't use it.
Illegal importation involves mixing it with dye, shipping it here as something similar to glass plus or rubbing alcohol, then running it through a reverse osmosis filter then an activated carbon filter
That episode of Mythbusters proved that each time they filtered it, the vodka got BETTER, and the vodka expert and Jamie both ended up putting all of the shots back in the correct order, while everyone else was close, but not quite spot on.
Alcohol kills skin cells, especially vulnerable wounded ones. Same is true of witch hazel and hydrogen peroxide. It's better to use soap and water -- or just water.
Infections also kill skin cells. In my experience, my cuts seem to heal faster when disinfected with something than when just washed with water. I'd be interested if there's a study or a medical opinion somewhere in favor of just water.
there was a study that showed rinsing a wound with just water healed faster than rinsing a wound with hydrogen peroxide, sure it can be found online somewhere. <br> <br>Generally, a bleeding cut is already cleaning itself out.
I know in first aid courses we are taught to use just water, This is because disinfectants can kill the wounded cells as well as infection cells, and could lead to law-suits. The reason is purely because we live in a Pass the Blame world.<br><br>If I forget to run my cut under-water or my bandaid wasn't adhering correctly, The wound will start to grow hot itch, this is the sign of an impending infection. At this point, It will heal faster if you put a drop of alcohol or detol on it.
The doctor in the ER recently was the one who told me this. He said soap and water. He also said to use a triple antibiotic salve and loose bandages. My family member who was wounded quite badly recovered well -- without infection or major scarring.
We were taught in the emergency department, you should wash 'clean' wounds with sterile saline solution (or water). 'Dirty' wounds should be cleaned with some sort of antiseptic. But most antiseptics do kill cells. It's a matter of judgement. <br><br>I don't know what the medical literature is to support that. But that's what we do at my hospital.
So far, the only one I would even think of using. I don't know where you live, but I can not get a bottle of vodka for $2. <br>

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