Step 11: Re-Usable Ice Pack

Picture of Re-Usable Ice Pack
Combine equal parts vodka and water in a sealable freezer bag for a slushy ice pack to nurse injuries.
Idun3 years ago
I use soft soap for this.
MsJaxFla3 years ago
For any ice pack, you are supposed to wrap it in a hand towel and then place on your skin. And again, I would use rubbing alcohol, it is cheaper.
skylane3 years ago
This will work extremely well.
Isopropyl might be less expensive if you want to use it just as an ice pack.
Using vodka.. you can always reuse this ice pack by mixing with orange juice ;-)

A note of caution. I made some "ice packs" with Iso- and water and sealed in the heavy duty Foodsaver bag. It works well, BUT... a home freezer can get way below
the freezing point of water. Putting that against your skin has the ability to actually freeze more than just skin deep.