Step 12: Hand-Sanitizer

Picture of Hand-Sanitizer
If you're someone who deals with germy kids all day, you know the importance of having hand sanitizer within arms reach.  Vodka is a natural enemy to bacteria, so reach for that small spray bottle and mist your hands generously.  And if the kids are really giving you a hard time, no one will notice a few spritzes down the gullet too.
AmyCat592 years ago
Your last line reminds me of advice my partner's mom's doctor gave her when he and his sister were teething:
"Pour a shot of rum. Dip your finger in it, and rub it on the baby's gums... then drink the remainder of the shot. Repeat as needed..."
Idun3 years ago
I would not recommend doing this. First of all the alcohol will completely dry out your skin. Commercial hand-sanitizers usually contain glycerol to prevent this.

Secondly the alcohol will not clean your hands if they are in any way visibly dirty or wet. Also the ethanol only kills bacteria and will not protect you from virus such as influenza. Actually, regular use might completely wipe out the natural bacterial flora on your skin making it more receptive to infections in the long run.

In other words: use water and soap.