Step 4: Mouthwash

Picture of Mouthwash
Kill the germs that cause bad breath!  Combine cheap vodka with a few drops of cinnamon, spearmint, or tea tree oil and let sit for two weeks.  You've got your own high-octane mouthwash.  Just make sure to spit after you rinse.

And next time you've had too much vodka, you can use the vodka mouthwash to freshen your breath!  No one will be the wiser.
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P.Bechthold3 years ago
(removed by author or community request)

Makes sense.

Your dentist forgot basic chemistry and/or doesn't understand alcohol.

Jack Daniels is bourbon, and Vodka is ( Both typically are 80 proof (aka: 40% alcohol by volume). That other 60% doesn't include sugar, or the drinks would be liqueurs. Now, if you tried to brush your teeth with say, Gran Marnier, then yes, there would be some residual sugars in the liquid.

My only issue with this idea is that your breath WILL smell of vodka afterward if you've used the cheap stuff. Run your vodka through a Britta water filter first to remove that cheap Stoli flavor, and you could do this.

Heck, do it anyway. It makes your cheap hooch taste and smell better.
clewis2110 months ago

Awesome with just the vodka cause then you can swallow it after swooshing!

Jesse USMC1 year ago

I'm not 100% certain but I thought tee tree oil is poisonous to take internally?

arivera113 years ago
Vodka mouthwash would be great in a pinch - especially if you've had a wonderful lunch involving raw onions - but many dentists (including my own) advise against regular use of alcohol based mouthwashes because they use a "scorched earth" method, killing all the bacteria, good and bad. When the bacteria repopulate the mouth, the bad bacteria get a chance to flourish, and bad breath returns in a big way.

As far as the fierce comment battle going on regarding colloidal silver - I worked for years at a holistic wellness center, and have no ties to any product (the center had no brand loyalty either). I've found that for short term use, it can be beneficial. Quantity and quality of the product matter - I would not feel comfortable with a patient making thier own, taking it daily for life, but using a commerical product where PPM is known - for fighting microorganisms when you are sick (internal use) or externally for skin infections or wounds, colliodal has worked well. Alternatively, for those of your uncomfortable with silver, GSE (grapefruit seed extract) may be preferable - just make sure it is well diluted.
Mamohau3 years ago
But would you pass a zero-tolerance police breath test?!