Step 5: Keep Flowers Fresh

Picture of Keep Flowers Fresh
Add a teaspoon each of vodka and sugar to water to keep freshly cut flowers looking great.  The vodka kills the bacteria that would otherwise grow in the water, and the sugar provides nutrients the flowers need to thrive.
Ugifer3 years ago
A drop of bleach and a little sugar has the same effect - the bleach kills the bugs and the sugar feeds the flowers. Don't add a glug of bleach, however, or you kill everything.
centricity3 years ago
Is that one tsp of vodka and one tsp of sugar, or one tsp of vodka-and-sugar?
looks like one teaspoon EACH. so one teaspoon vodka, one teaspoon sugar.
Tim Temple3 years ago
Silver colloid can be used to replace the vodka.
or a tablet of aspirin.. still cheaper.... the point is avoiding the decomposition of water ingredients and fermentation. so to keep Ph a little acid..
Looks like we've got a colloidal silver salesperson FTW ;-)