Step 6: Flakier Pie Crusts

Picture of Flakier Pie Crusts
Swapping ice cold vodka for water in pie crust recipes ensures a flakier crust.
The liquid makes the dough more pliable to work with, and then evaporates while baking, giving you a lighter result than water.
Try this recipe for the perfect pie crust!
MsJaxFla3 years ago
So far, the only one I would even think of using. I don't know where you live, but I can not get a bottle of vodka for $2.
Alright then. Here the cheapest vodka is like $80. I wonder if you can use rum?
vonna kjackman13 years ago
Rum has FAR MORE sugar than vodka, so you may end up with a scorched crust. Where do you live kjackman1?
Distilled rum has 0 grams of sugar in it, just like all pure distilled spirits.
kjackman1 vonna3 years ago
I live in Barbados, in the Caribbean. White rum is an abundant commodity here, since it is manufactured on the island
Rum might just work if its white rum and has a proof similar to vodka. Vodka tends to work best because it is clear (doesn't discolor the crust) and usually doesn't have much flavor (all depends on the vodka).
mcr25823 years ago
Alton Brown's Good Eats TV show talked about this on his Apple Pie episode. He used Apple Brandy and while that imparted some flavor to the crust, the reason for using it had to do with the way alcohol mixes with flour vs. the way water mixes with flour. (Consulting Google...) Basically, flour and water will form gluten, while flour and alcohol will not, and because most of the alcohol will evaporate during cooking, you can add more liquid initially which makes handling the dough easier.