Step 8: Window Cleaner's Best Kept Secret

Picture of Window Cleaner's Best Kept Secret
A vodka dilution makes a great window-cleaning solution.  Combine vodka and water in a spray bottle and use newspapers for a perfect, streak-free finish!
kidNeutrino3 years ago
and why your Russian cleaning woman was always smiling, a little for the windows, a little for me... Vaporizing alcohol gives you quite a rush!
MsJaxFla3 years ago
This one, no way...... white vinegar is better and cheaper.
So this is how our Russian cleaning lady kept the windows so clean!
Tim Temple3 years ago
Since you won't be licking the windows, denatured alcohol would be cheaper.
My dog does lick the windows so this looks like a really good deal. It might calm the dog as well. :)