15 Ways to Make Your Food Last Almost Forever





Introduction: 15 Ways to Make Your Food Last Almost Forever

Food is one of the biggest recurring expenses we have, why not make the most of what you spend your money on at the grocery store?



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    Not sure where this information came from, but I doubt it's original, so the source should be cited. I've tried wrapping veggies in foil, so I can attest to the fact that that hint at least doesn`t work.

    It works great, I have a bunch of celery that is now 3 weeks old in my fridge that is still crispy, I cite user error here, try it again.

    I'm having trouble imagining just what kind of error one could make in wrapping veggies in foil, but I'm open to suggestions...

    Instructable videos work just fine on mobile devices if the author provides a separate url or link out of the video box.
    But instructables is designed to be a set of instructions, a video link to another site adds nothing.

    I totally agree, I think they should crack down and remove all of this kind of stuff!

    This is not an instructable. There is only one picture, no text description of how to do what the title says, and no links or anything to take users to the information.

    I think instructables have an issue with video on mobile devices, try it on desktop or laptop, I see it fine on those.