I know there is actually 17 but it sounds better to say 15 best altiods tin projects.
Always start with making the tin look really cool.
25K 30
Of course, I had to include a survival kit.
5.9K 68
Simple yet effective.
3.5K 72
In case you're in need of a bit of salad.
52K 372
For those frustratingly short lived batteries.
55K 125
Simply fun.
Also could be used to store your many other Altiods tin projects.
2.5K 39
Use for making your other Altiods tin projects, and many more.
83K 161
When your siblings/kids are really annoying. Just kidding please don't shoot anyone.
12K 95
Use with the Altiods soldering iron.
9.9K 82
The strobe's not quite enough for a full party.
9.8K 67
Amazing your friends. (and find out why your tins keep "disappearing")
249K 358
This one you can shoot at people
115K 303
If you don't like any of these...
179K 525
Way to think outside the box. (but still inside the tin?)
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