Hi guys!

(This is my 1st instructable, so please be gentle!)

This is a small greenhouse very easy to build from a plastic fruit bascket you can get for free from you local supermarket.
You also will need plastic film, duck-tape, a plier and a sharp knife.
I already improve it to version_1.1 to avoid water pool on the top (see pics).


Step 1:

Cut off the button of the plastic bascket. Use the plier. Notice that there will be some sharp plastic edges witch I literaly melt off with a heat-gun tool I have (optional).

Step 2:

Place the plastic film on a flat surface and position the backet. I found it easyer with use of small pieces of dual side tape (optional). Then bend the plastic film to close all sides. Use a good strip of duck tape to end at both ends.

Step 3:

Trim the extra plastic film and apply more duck tape as shown.

Step 4:

My version_1.1 improvement was to place a wood stick to make a kind of angled roof to avoid water pool (optional).

Step 5:

I'm covering my seedling starter trays during windy and rainy winter.

<p>now that is really clever!</p>
Nicely done, gave me some of my own ideas thanks...
This is great, you should enter our contest! http://loveandtrash.com/2011/01/contest-project-power-down/
they give out those baskets for free at supermarkets? you sure they dont reuse them?
yes, these are low quality plastic baskets. <br>I'm sure they reuse and/or recycle but also gave me some for free. <br>There are others more robust they don't give away. <br>PS <br>

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