Learn how to make this cool 15 sided ninja star from my Instuctables

(this instructable is dedicated to Matt LeCocki)

Step 1: What You Need!

15 pieces of square paper
pair of hands
eyes to watch and look at instructables
brain to think
heart to live
and soul to concentrate!
and your ninja way...
(as in deadly ninja, good ninja, gay ninja, naruto ninja, and or super ninja)
(or just plain old normal ninja...)
I remember building this a LONG time ago, thanks that was a good refresher
great ninjastar. i made one and it wasn't that hard and took less than a half hour. great ideia
Its actually not a ninja star, it is a different type of origami known as the Spritzer
.......... <br>1: epic <br>2: WAACHOW!?
this is so awesome! the only thing is that u should glue them together then you can throw it!! B)
hmm, what would happen if i made one out of metal i wonder, i'd better not, or else chuck norris will fall from the sky and challenge me to a fight with my new weapon, the he would pwn me..... probably.
lol i started 2 make about 4 points then i realized u were makin them outta orgami paper so yeah lol
I made one but the squares where from full sheets of paper so the overall star was huge!<br />
There are more than 15 sides, around 26 or 27.
?? um... ?? actually i dunno where u learned to count, but where i live 15 is 15...
&nbsp;ya, same here, 15 is 15, not 14 is 15
I think he means points
15 sided ninja star !!! I have successfully finished one. It looks very very nice! I like it very much. I will introduce to my students and I'm sure that will be very happy, Thanks very much!
you can make it stronger by adding coffee straws to the fold of each point<br /> <br />
spit,grit,and a hole lot of duck tape.
Dude, its awesome, it dosen't look right though, stiil, it barely flies, but any way, good work =)<br /> <br />
cool but i wish it would stay together easyer
use tape or staples thats what i did&nbsp;
It took me a while but its awesome. can it fly?
how manyy points depends on how you space them
There is Definitely 14 points on the star above. Cool work though!
Nice man, i made this and it was awesome, first i got it. It breaks a lot but i put tape on mine so it stays together and flies. I mighta added weight to it(bigger paper, add-ons what not). It was actually very easy, i make it at school, show it off to meh friends. Usually takes me around 15 mins. This is a nice design, and your getting this comment from an expert. ☼☼☼☼☼(Stars). P.S. I wish my friend was sharp like me, hes seriously mental.
fun to do this while listenen to Guns N' Roses
Its fuken mad, i made a large one 15 A4 papers.
very nice i made one it took me a long time though realy cool
awsome i think your ninja star or some1 elses idea is realy realy awsome but i made 1 the had 14 and it was c::l(cool)
I just built this thing and it rocks. Good job!

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