Picture of 15 way to love to school
This instructables is harvest from my school days experiences .
Now I share them with you . They are nice , bad , danger , hot , cold and pretty ... .
Maybe , they can useful for you .

Overview :

1- Discipline
2- Study
3- Friends
4- Behavior
5- Harmonize
6- Sleep & awake
7- Innovation
8- Breakfast
9- Play and game
10- Sport
11- Homework
12- Nature
13- Experiment
14- Conversation
15- Test

If you have a question about this 15 way , please PM me .
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Step 1: Discipline

Picture of Discipline
Cloth and body are the most important part of discipline . Endeavor to go to bathroom about 3 once each week . And your dress be arranger . It isn't important your dress get dirty while you play , for example with soil .
Also it's better you use clean socks everyday .

Step 2: Study

Picture of Study
It's better you practice your today lessons today . It means if you learn a lesson today , you should practice it today , and you shouldn't release it for a week .
After 15 minute reading , rest for 2-5 minute .

Step 3: Friends

Picture of Friends
Endeavor to find your friends look your personality . Don't be friend with a unfit friend and have a mutual friendship .

Step 4: Behavior

Picture of Behavior
Be good-tempered ! and diminish your screams . Be nice with your friends , students , school and teachers .

Step 5: Harmonize

Picture of Harmonize
Hit-off with your school . Don't endeavor for war with school . Like your school , Harmonization your practice and have a average or better grade in your school .

Step 6: Sleep & awake

Picture of Sleep & awake
Be awake 45 minute before your start school time . Important : Don't sleep late , for example in midnight . The best time for sleep is between 8 - 11 clock . 8 hour sleep is necessary for growing up . If you sleep enough , you are healthy in school , else you are tired .

Step 7: Innovation

Picture of Innovation
Have innovation in your study , homework and life . Endeavor to be different from other and make new things .
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Wolf Seril4 years ago
I kind of hate to tell you this, since I'm guessing English isn't your first language, but this is almost unreadable. You might want to find someone to edit it for you, because from what I can read, it's a pretty good instructable.

wait, what's endeavor?

I believe this user is Iranian.

farzadbayan (author)  lemonie4 years ago
You aren't believe , You are sure , D: !
You're very good with a pen.

which language is salam again? i used to know but now I forget i think its arabic right?

I used to know but now I forget...

farzadbayan (author)  lemonie4 years ago
"Salam" is a common word in Persian and Arabic, but the root of this word is Arabic. Salam means hi or hello in English.

Thanks, I did know the meaning, not the specific language.

farzadbayan (author)  lemonie4 years ago
Salam , khob hastin ?!

How you know "Salam" ?

There are many nationalities in the UK, I've picked a few bits of language from a lot of people.

farzadbayan (author)  lemonie4 years ago
If you want any Persian word, please PM me!
benrice333 years ago
i agree completely
acidbass4 years ago
Good ible I think your english is actually very good keep up the good work
NatNoBrains4 years ago
Hey, do you want help with getting some of this so it makes more sense? I can tell English isn't your mother tongue.
farzadbayan (author)  NatNoBrains4 years ago
Your suggest is right , English in not my first language . Now I don't want change this Instructable , Thanks for your kindly suggest . In forums I can find a language topic for help about grammar and etc . Also you can help me and other users there .
love an school in one sentence is an oximoron
lemonie4 years ago
I like the drawings.