$1.50 Heavy Duty Extension Cord





Introduction: $1.50 Heavy Duty Extension Cord

A heavy duty 6 foot 120 Volt extension cord is expensive, so make your own for about $1.50 each.

Remove the heavy duty cord from an old appliance you are recycling.

Pass the end through one of the holes in a $0.39 blue single gang workbox.

Then tie a knot for strain relief.

Strip the ends and attach to a $0.59 15 Amp outlet - green wire to green screw, white to silver screw, black to gold.

Screw the outlet in place and add a two outlet nylon "unbreakable" cover plate for $0.47 and you are done.

Plug and play. Remember extension cords are for temporary use only in dry areas.



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Questions & Answers


Use a metal box, a metal cover, and a hospital grade outlet and plug thing for added durability.

With some additional wiring, you could put it in a double gang box and add a switch to control the outlet. Using a dimmer switch also opens up possibilities to control lighting, motor speed, etc.

Using a double gang box is an excellent suggestion and allows for all kinds of add-ons. Timer could be used to control Halloween lighting or other decorations.