154 Renegade Robotics


Introduction: 154 Renegade Robotics

This is a robot we built for the RI First Tech Challenge. The challenge was to score racket balls in diffrent scoring elemets such as baskets and other containers. We designed this robot to pick up four baskets and put racket balls in each one. Once each basket had at least one racket ball in it we lifted the crates to 5ft.

This was first designed in SolidWorks. This robot was built from Tetrix parts, sheet metal, and plexi glass. We won the RI FTC Regional competion along with the PTC design award for using CAD software to design the robot. We are presently building a brand new robot for the St. Louis International Chapionship. As of right now we're in the designing stages of this robot and again we're using SolidWorks.



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    Congratulations, 154! I'm in 4433 in Pennsylvania. We made it to regionals, but failed miserably. Good job on your awards, and that is a beastly robot!