this is my first instructable ,it is actually a truss design weighing 170 gm and it can take a load up to 15.7kilo newton (1600.4kg roughly).
here are the items i used to design it 
(a)106 ice cream sticks.
(b)white wood based glue.
(c) threads (cotton specifically)
here are some of the pictures that i have attached.
Hey can u plz tell me steps to make it
hi very nice job on this i was thinking about something thing like this under a floor
what u thinking ajectly if u tell to me then i help u more and i'll suggest u.
weel the looad berring if a series are layed over a flor if they hold this weight they in theroy could desin a compltly new foudation thats stronger than todays
please post a step by step on this i really like the idea
dear now i m having exam. that's why I'll sand u latter sorry for that. & u like my project thanks & if u r having any suggestion about this then u can suggest me.

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