15th Century Florentine Dress





Introduction: 15th Century Florentine Dress

I made this 15th century Florentine style dress for the 2009 Ren Faire season. I drafted the pattern, created the mock up, and sewed it over the course of a few months. There is a camica (long linen under gown), hemp corded corset, over gown, detachable sleeves, and a sash with hand painted wooden beads.



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    The corded corset shown is actually the mock up I did. The one worn in the first photo has double the amount of cording and I would say it offered medium support. The mock up did not offer enough support, I should have posted a pic of the final corset...I would now but its quite a bit too big for me now. Thanks for looking at my dress :)

    It appears that you are using a corded pair of bodies, are you finding it supportive? In the second image it appears loose, but perhaps it is simply not tightened? If it is a corded bodice what are you using as cord?
    Very nicely made by the way (probably should have led with that) the simplicity reminds me of many different painting of the Italian renaissance.

    8O You made that!! Gorgeous!!! I am having a hard time with the chemise!!! :)

    Beautiful! You have serious sewing skills.