Introduction: 1.5v Battery Wireless Charger at Home

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to make wireless charger you need some compnent like:




the 2n2222 and wire is transmitter , wire and led is receiver you can use led or somthing other.

for circuit go to

to see how work go to :


SherylinRM (author)2016-07-03

The blogspot nor here mentions how many turns the coil has nor the diameter or the coil or what type of wire.

For example, is the wire coated or bare.

ALSO I see a resistor in the photo and yet no value for it nor where to put it in the diagram.

Electronice (author)SherylinRM2016-07-21

20 turns , 6 cm diameter , you can use transformer coil

SherylinRM (author)Electronice2016-07-22

Thank you :)

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