This instructable is about things you probably don't know about Minecraft Xbox 360 edition.

Step 1: Dyeing Dog Collers

if you have dye in your hand you can click LT on a dog and there collar will be dyed that color.

Step 2: On Top of the Nether

You can go through the roof of the nether & on top if you dig to the top of the nether then throw a Enderpearl up. To get down make a portal and leave.

Step 3: Jump on a Fence

If you put a carpet on a fence of cobble wall you can jump on it but animals can't. And without the carpet you can't jump on it.

Step 4: Fences & Nether Fences

If you put a normal fence next to a nether fence they won't connect and you can walk through them. But animals can't.

Step 5: Pumpkins!

If you are wearing a pumpkin on your head your invisible to Endermen.

Step 6: Milk

If you. have a potion of poison or any other potion on and you drink a bucket of milk it will get rid of it.

Step 7: Nether Portals

You can break off the corners of a portal and it still works or make it with another Block for corners.

Step 8: Swords

In creative you can't break blocks with swords any kind of sword.

Step 9: Dyeing Armor

You can dye leather armor. To do so just put on the armor & grab the dye in your inventory them carry the dye over to the armor and click X over it.

Step 10: Undyeing Armor

Undyeing Armor is simple you need a Calderon filled with water. Just go to the water with the armor in your hand and LT on it. it uses water in your Calderon and cleans your armor.

Step 11: Upside Down Mobs

You can make mobs turn b upside down bye using a anvil naming a Name tag Grumm then using the name tag and naming the mob Grumm.

Step 12: Cacti

If you throw things on a cacti it will disappear and be gone.

Step 13: Now You See It Now You Don't

With a potion of invisibility you can make mobs invisible. imagine your friends surprise when a invisible creeper blows up there house. But some don't turn completely invisible like mooshrooms, snow golems, skeletons, spiders,

Step 14: Invisable Block

You can make an invisible block. check out this link for a tutorial.


Step 15: Lava Squid

If you splash a squid with fire resistance it will just float on top of the lava and pretend like its on land.

Step 16: Spawning Iron Golems

If you surround a village with doors you can have iron golems start spawning. I did this in a world & within minutes a golem spawned I hit it and it attacked me and killed me.

<p>and thats 16/16 that I know</p>
<p>how do u make dog collers?</p>
U dont make dog collars ther on them already when u tame them just get a dye of any color and dye the collar<br>
<p>when you tame the wolves it as a dog collar on already </p>
<p>You don't make dog collars, if you tame a wolf, a red collar will appear around it's neck.</p>
<p>nice facts! Thanks!</p>
the two last ones where the only ones I didn't know :D
<blockquote><strong>I love it, thanks!</strong></blockquote>
I already knew alllll of that no offense. Btw you can also name it Dinnerbone to make it upside down.
<p>Thanks Guys</p>
Lol I live the Grumn one! Never knew that!
I had no idea you could dye the leather that's awesome the fence tricks are nifty too thanks for sharing :-}

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