1602 2004 LCD Adapter Addressing !





Introduction: 1602 2004 LCD Adapter Addressing !

This wil be a simple instructable on how to change the I2C addres of 1602 2004 lcd adapter.

Iv decid it to make it after a frustrating attempt to find the address table on the net

Step 1: Step 1 Locating the 3 Address Jumpers

If your adapter look eny thing like mine, thous 3 jumpers should be exactly as shown on the picture abow,

once You have located them tak a closer look. factory setap (in my case) was that non of them was conected wich means that the addres of the device is 0x27

Step 2: Step 2 Changing the Address

To chang the address, all You nead to do is make a solder connections on the jumpers, in one of 8 combinations, above you have my address table.

Here is the link to where i get my adapters http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6158284223.html

the shipment was fast and the quality is very good

Now once you know how to change the address take your arduino plug the 4 cables to your LCD and be creative :)

Step 3: Step 3 Plug Everything Together

the picture should help you achieving thisgoal

Step 4: Step 4 a Simple Coding to Check If It Works + Librarys



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THANKS! I've been looking for this

This may be useful for some. I have seen a couple of packs that with all open address pads the address wasn't 027. I used the following page to find the add


I have the LCD 2004 with the I2C already mounted to the board. It was driving me crazy because the screen was blank and apparently non functional. After reviewing your work here I finally discovered the problem. This device has an address of 0x3F not 20-27. Most of the libraries all default to 0x27. Looking at the device ad on the vendors website, it is clearly stated as 0x3F. Thanks for jarring my brain.

My device is here


Im happy i helped

I have a 2004 that I soldered to one of these and all I can ever get is the 1st and 3rd lines highlighted. not sure how to get this to work.

i bought 2004 and checked it for u i get same problem if the address is incorrect

i have added arduino code for 2004 try it just try different addresses you have 8 combinations :) or check my table a bow

That code was a BIG help. Thank you! It hasn't gotten me all the way, but it has gotten me to where I recognize some of the other problems mentioned by others: Not all lines used (bit-sizing), wrong characters, etc. It may have been that I just was using the wrong library. What URL did you get it from?

sorry dont remrmber that but You hav the one Iv been using abow as a zip fille

Yeah, I verified the address already. No solder jumpers on the i2c board means the address is x27