first of all we need to design led matrix (16*16), and have a full control, even Control each led separately.

so the minimum requirement for the project is :

1- arduino uno.

2- (256) Blue led.

3- (20*20 mm), and (20*5 mm) PCB plats.

4- (32) transistor (as switch) (BC327-337).

5- (4) shift register ICs (74HC595).

6- a lot of pin headers.

7- a lot of a jumper wires

Step 1: Draw the Circuit at PCB Program.

Step 2: Fabricate the Led Matrix Plat (20*20 Mm), and Registers Plat (20*5 Mm) by Using PCB Fabrication Technics.

Step 3: Connect All the Led, Transistors, Resistors, Pin Headers in the Finished PCB, Then Solid All In.

Step 4: Connect the Registrars on (20*5 Mm) Plat Like in the Design.

Step 5: Connect the Register to Arduino, and to the Led Matrix Plat.

<p>i made it XD</p>
<p>Nice CAD modeling job.</p>
<p>thank you buddy, it i s by using Proteus.</p>

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