This is the improved version of the 10-shot pistol + mount.
I give legofanatic 98% of the credit, because i used his 5-shot pistol
The mount is now more stable and durable.

I hope you like it!

 (This is version 1.1: https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-10-shot-pistol-mount/)

I used you magazine mod, but whenever I tried to fire, the round would get caught on the one below it. Nice mod, though.
i destroyed it a while ago, but i will build it again and post it ;)
nice one <br>
i modded the original gun (10 shots) to hold over 25 yellow rods in the mag,<br>can't post pictures because already broke apart the gun to make a different one<br>only had the (25 shot modded gun i made) for just over a week<br>its good but i wouldn't recommend modding the mag for 25 shots because it jams way too many times in just one mag
yep, found that out to. <br>after that i tried to make a box mag, but it failed and the gun was modded to much so i destroyed it.
instructions plz
Mount for pistol=bad idea. Hinge trigger? Fix it. Okay mag though.
nice gun, very simple but somewhat advanced. the mount doesnt really seem to do much in my opinion. 4.5*
it helps if you want to guard your rooms door, because with a bit of string you can fire it for a distance, like me firing it from my chair before the pc.
oh wow i never thought of it like that, 5* now
cool! thank you!
Now it's similar to IAC's pistol, except the trigger isn't as complex, and it's boxier.
IAC's pistol doesn't always block the ram, this on always blocks it. <br>but i know thats true
Yes it does, unless you hold the trigger down.
Try Legofanatics 5 shot pistol; considering thats what he really based it off of.
no prob
O.O Awsome 5*
thanks! <br>I got 50+ feet with 3 rubber bands, which is nice for that amount of shots i think. <br>thanks for the 5* rating!
O.O, ima build this. XD
cool <br>if you use the right elsatics it should go like 50 ft+

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