Actually it is a Transformer, if you look for it, its a new thing, not very common.<br>It builds like and Scale model, but as you build it you are building the transformer mechanism. open the link provided you will see it standing .
Actually, it ISN'T a Transformer. Transformer with capital T implies the series that started in 1984, and continues to, as recently as I know, the Micheal Bay movies. <br><br>This picture is of a VF-25 Messiah from Macross Frontier, part of the Macross Series that started with Super Dimension Fortress: Macross in 1982.<br><br>Keeping in mind that Macross is 2 years OLDER than Transformers, look up Jetfire (the original G1 version) and compare it's(his?) plane mode to a VF-1.<br>
There's no point quarrelling about whether it is a transformer or not. It is still a cool toy.
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i &lt;3 this..
how much do you pay for the magnificient model?
it varies. depends on the model size. you can check out prices on ebay and amazon by searching &quot;Messiah Valkyrie Alto Saotome&quot;
the plane looks cool but i think the nose is to long.
After a quick Google, this appears to be a Transformer.
then you fail at google<br>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VF-25_Messiah
actually it ISN'T a transformer. The variable fighter is from Macross which predates transformers by 2 whole years. Plus it has a human pilot.
I'm pretty sure its a model airplane.

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