Introduction: 17m Kite V2.0

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HIgh A.R. big kite. improvement on v1.0

Grab the files from here, then check out the Kite Sewing Tutorial for the build how-to.

Step 1: Build It.


burnerjack01 (author)2012-05-19

Considering the amount of power which could be derived from even a modest breeze, I suspect Rossiroller is pretty much right on target. Very cool info. anyway.

tylerars24 (author)2006-07-29

Where do you find materials for building these kites?

jradcoolness (author)tylerars242009-04-07

i am still new at this but you can get rip-stop-nylon at "Joan's/fabric store's" lots of tarp at "harbor freight" no clue were to get Dacron.

Rossiroller (author)2009-01-26

Where do you get the balls to fly a kite like this?

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