Picture of 18 Shot Nerf Strongarm
After building my 18 shot Nerf Maverick I have been asked countless times, whether it is possible to build an 18 shot Nerf Strongarm. So I decided to give it a shot (no pun intended :-)).
In comparison a few more alterations are needed and the pieces that connect the barrels are a bit more challenging, but other than that it wasn't overly complicated to build. I still urge you only to attempt this mod, should you be convinced that you are able to execute it. Otherwise you might damage your blaster.
Even if you are not planning on building an 18 shot version of the blaster and are just generally interested in modifying a Strongarm, I think this instructable is worth a read (especially the first step).

Take a look at the video:

Btw. I am completely aware of the irony of taking a blue-orange-white blaster apart in order to sand and prime it and afterwards painting it blue-orange-white again... but as some of you already noticed in the comments, I wanted it to look like something straight out of Borderlands.

Step 1: Common misconceptions + how to increase the speed

Picture of Common misconceptions + how to increase the speed
I have read multiple times that people suggested to remove the what they call "air-restrictor" from the plunger and to fill the small hole that is on the top (as shown in the third picture).


Even though they might tell you that this improves the strength of you blaster, it doesn't! In fact, this actually damages your blaster, because it is not an air-restrictor, but an ingenious method to prevent dry firing. Since after building this 18 shot blaster I had some plungers left over I tried to do the mod and to compare the results by measuring the dart speed with a chronometer.
I also removed the barrel posts from one barrel, to measure the effect. Unless you are planning on using Stefans (If you don't know what I am talking about, here is an instructable) I wouldn't suggest you to do so either, because it also decreases the strength of the elite darts.

The only effective way to improve the dart speed that I found was to change the spring! The second picture shows the improvement after adding the Orange Mod Works (OMW) kit (from here).
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LyellR made it!13 days ago

Great Job Brittliv!!!

LyellR13 days ago
André LMS1 month ago

Hello! Can you send the pictures of the mold each piece ?

Long range 2 months ago
How do you make the thing that can connects the three drums
How did you get that effect with the paint? Sponge?
enrique9821 5 months ago
Im not sure if these screws work please tell me where you bought your screws if they dont
ChrisC166 months ago


SteveD56 months ago

Hi, do you have a stl file for the barrel?

ChrisC16 SteveD56 months ago

yeah i really need it too!

AlexaL6 months ago

What kind of paint did you use? What was your procedure?

zman12047 months ago
I love it!!!! Very creative. I was able to improvise off of your instructions and I was able to make mine work properly w/ a 3% failure rate
bleeNGA8 months ago

This is absolutely amazing. I love the triple barrel mod and I love the paintjob even more! Amazing. I don't know if you've seen it yet, but Nerf is coming out with a new blaster in the Zombie Strike series called the FlipFury. The Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury has two barrel chambers that can be "flipped" over and rotated into place. Nerf had to have seen these double and triple barrel mods and effectively incorporated the modders work into their official line of products. I did a quick write up on the Nerf FlipFury on my website (link in profile)

Ethand11 year ago

Hey I was wondering if i could buy the drum connecter peice thing. Just send me the Ebay, amazon or whatever you use's link. Thanks in advance

BrittLiv (author)  Ethand11 year ago

Hi, I am really sorry, but since I live in Germany, the postage would be very high.

rendord BrittLiv9 months ago

I live in europe (netherlands) i was wondering if i would be able to buy the 3d parts if not then ill just stick to single chambers :D

bartek_3369 months ago

Can I buy that 3D parts? Beacouse I haven't got 3D printer.

MrMercenary10 months ago
Looks like a Maliwan pistol from borderlands

wow!!! one thing how long did it take

wow!!! one thing how long did it take

maroone11 year ago

Fantastic tutorial. I'm actually going to rebuild it and on the photo with the 3D Printer Parts I can see 5 printed parts, but there are 4 STLs. Is there a STL missing, or do I have to print out a pice twice? Thanks.

BrittLiv (author)  maroone11 year ago

Damn, I totally forgot... Madnesz has asked me for it, too. I can't find
it anywhere and have to redesign it. I will do so this weekend. What
type of printer do you have? I could give you the .x3g file.

Unfortunately not a MakerBot. The Printer asks for .stl files. But I can give it a try to convert the .x3g to .stl

Thanks a lot.

BrittLiv (author)  maroone11 year ago

I've uploaded it. I hope it fits. Else please get back to me.

Great, thank you! ^_^

Darthorso1 year ago

Congratulations Britt, your creation is amazing! I love the look, it's perfectly Borderlands-esque :D

The triple barrel gives an original and unique look to the guns, I hope I can have acess to a 3D printer... they're very rare here in Italy, even for customer-service. You can find 3D printers only in large industries that won't make you a single piece... :(

I've made an instructables (my 1st one) about Nerf Strongarm, it's an aesthetic mod. Take a look and tell me what you think about it!

Thanks and congrats again! :)


Eyyyyy Darthorso my friend!

I'm not sure if they ship to Italy, but they'll definitely print a single object for you....
Looks like they've been to a few makerspaces there.

Eyyy craft! :D How are you my friend? ^_^

Thank you a lot for your suggestione! But in these days I've found a friend of mine who own a little 3d printer and can do something for me! :D :D :D

But you are a true friend for giving me that web link! :) Thank you again, stay great! :D

Very well, sir, very well indeed.

Glad to help! I'm always doing my best to connect people to resources... :)


Yep! And you are doing a great job! ;)

Stay great, crafty! ^_^

Madnesz1 year ago
Excellent work! Would you mind also uploading the stl file for the second ScrewHolderBack?
BrittLiv (author)  Madnesz1 year ago

Oh, you are right, I forgot. Sadly I can't find the file anywhere. Please give me a few days. I will redesign it.

rde vreeze1 year ago
Hey BrittLiv I really like your work I wonder if you could post an instructable with the nerf Jolt IX-1?
Deadpunk1 year ago

I bet if you sold the the 3D printed pieces and included a link to these instructions it would sell well. I for one would defiantly by them from you.

You can go to the /r/3Dprintmything subreddit (3Dprintmything.reddit.com) and someone will be able to print for you!

BrittLiv (author)  Deadpunk1 year ago

I will think about it.

Fostis1 year ago

just finish making this. there is a safety lock for the plunger release that will need to be cut off. but after its removedthe gun works great. nice instructable.

BrittLiv (author)  Fostis1 year ago

Good job! Thanks for posting pictures!

AARENAARON1 year ago

Congrats On Ur Win...Totaly Love Ur Job :)

Fostis1 year ago

I'm having trouble downloading the STL files to make this. any chance you could e-mail them to me?

BrittLiv (author)  Fostis1 year ago

Simply right click on the link and select "save as..."

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